Innovate, Don’t Imitate

The all-original plastic bioprocess container


Decades ago, we changed the fluid management game with our innovative, all-plastic, bioprocess containers. Genesis landed first. The stackable, foldable, lightweight units saved bioscience firms money in storage and shipment. Genesis has since evolved against industry needs with features such as a sliding drop door to deliver the ultimate in accessibility.

ALLpaQ stands tall as the purveyor of the world’s largest range of shipping and bioprocess containers. And, deep within the walls of our product development centre, the team of expert designers and fabricators work on top secret packaging and accessory projects. The aim is simple: to design and deliver innovative solutions to solve the complex daily challenges scientists face.

The imitators come. They go. They chase ALLpaQ, riding on the coat tails of its cosmic trail. But try as they will, one scientific fact remains resolute: where ALLpaQ leads, others follow.

the pioneers of



We’re proud of this fact. As pioneers of plastic containment, we are responsible for setting the standard worldwide. In our near 20 years of developing quality plastic tote products, we have seen a lot. Our products have been imitated, but imitations have never been passed off as ALLpaQ products. Until recently. So now we’re less flattered, and more concerned. Here’s why:




ALLpaQ continues to lead the way in innovation and delivery of these bioprocess containers and custom laboratory accessories. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver products that have been engineered to provide the safest, most reliable, most hygienic results. Products which are tested and certified and which are backed-up by our reputation. 

None of that can be relied upon with products made by our imitators. When a customer buys a cheap copy, they simply won’t get the reassurance of knowing their purchase is the end result of research, development and testing.

Shipping Container

The 5th generation 1000L ISTA-validated Genesis Shipping Tote – aka the ‘Big Daddy’ of modern-day plastic folding tote solutions – brought to the market and regularly improved by ALLpaQ.

500 PLUS
Shipping & Cleanroom

The latest innovation in our classic shipping and cleanroom biocontainer series. Our unique drop door opens a whole new world of possibilities when installing and removing bags.

Steel-Plastic Hybrid

Complete with Dynamic Door to eliminate bacteria traps such as hinges, catches and locks, a view window for unrivalled visibility and an interchangeable plastic base to suit any bag configuration.

Harvest Cart

Holds 6 100L bags • Removable end panels • Transparent view windows • Monitor fill levels

Cart Solution

Curved PP trays • Hold 2D bags better • Vented holes to reduce weight • Easier to manoeuvre

UV Stabilised 
2D Tray Cabinets

Single-use • Cleanroom bag trays  • UV protection • Safeguard media