Innovation Not Imitation: Every Masterpiece Has Its Cheap Copy

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March, 16th, 2023

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Innovation is hard, imitation is easy. That’s why every great masterpiece has its cheap copy. We’ve listed a few of them in this article. It is perhaps inevitable that those pioneering game-changing products inspire copycats to create knock-offs. This is particularly the case for household brands but, when it comes to secondary packaging to protect valuable media, subpar solutions present an unacceptable risk. 

As the founders and innovators of all-plastic bioprocess containers, we’re starting to see a number of replicas enter the market. We always welcome competition: it’s healthy and keeps you on your toes. 

What we don’t welcome is imitation; poorly fabricated products masquerading as ALLpaQ. Sure, at a glance, buyers might think it’s an ALLpaQ. And sure, the power of our brand will help these Trojan Horse products infiltrate the supply chains of biotechnology manufacturers. When you take a closer look at the quality of these IP-infringing counterfeits though, the only thing they have in common is likeness (if you squint). 

As of late, a number of customers thought they were receiving ALLpaQ products when, in fact, they weren’t. This obviously introduces risk to our brand reputation. But what we’re really concerned about is how these flawed fabrications undermine the in-process supply chain from clinical development stages through to commercial scale.

Scientists need empowering in their life-saving work – they need to know their secondary packaging is fit for purpose. ALLpaQ products certainly are, imitators not so much. 

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how to spot an ALLpaQ forgery and how these woeful secondary packaging solutions can invite loss of containment and endanger your productivity, reputation and finances.

Where ALLpaQ leads, others follow

ALLpaQ is the originator of the all-plastic bioprocess containers that changed the fluid management game. And, right now, our in-house team of designers and fabricators are working hard to bring new innovations to the market, all designed to meet your ever-evolving needs.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver products that have been engineered to provide the safest, most reliable, most hygienic results. Products which are tested and certified and which are backed-up by our reputation. 

None of that can be relied upon with products made by our imitators. When a customer (often unknowingly) buys a cheap copy, they simply won’t get the reassurance of knowing their purchase is the end result of research, development and testing. 

Check out this terrible example spotted by members of our ALLteaM during a visit to a customer’s site. Sure enough, they thought they had received an ALLpaQ – not a chance!

So why is this a problem?

While ALLpaQ products are beautiful compared to these aesthetic nightmare knock-offs, this has nothing to do with being catfished by rogue traders. It has everything to do with how it threatens your bioprocess. 

What is wrong about this corner joint?

  1. The weld has not been dressed and excess weld removed. If you look carefully, you can see from the surface of the weld that it looks as though it has been pushed in by someone wearing gloves. It wouldn’t have that rough surface if it had been professionally extruded.
  2. The corner joint is massively unhygienic making it impossible to clean and validate.

What are the dangers of this?

Because they haven’t been flattened and smoothed to the surface of the pallet, the weld seams will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

What can go wrong with poorly finished containers? 

The welds are susceptible to breakage, resulting in single-use bag damage and loss of product. Likewise, if the welds aren’t fabricated properly they can’t be cleaned making the unit impossible to validate. 

Are these copies likely to be tested and certified? 

Testing of shipping totes is critical because it proves they are fit for purpose. When a company makes a cheap copy of a validated ALLpaQ tote, for instance, it won’t be validated. If it’s not validated, it’s not proven. If it’s not proven, you are taking the risk of losing product and reputation.

How can this affect bioproduction and business?

Loss of containment presents a huge financial risk to any producer, resulting in loss of production, bottlenecks to replace the product and loss of reputation. Likewise, if the end user then sends a bacteria-bearing tote to their customer, there is a high likelihood they will lose future business. 

Let’s face it, it’s just not worth it. 

What can ALLpaQ offer that these imitations can’t?

ALLpaQ comes equipped with almost 20 years’ worth of developing quality plastic tote products. With an history and reputation of innovation, we are the pioneers of plastic containment – the standard setters if you will.

And, if you’re purchasing an ALLpaQ shipping container, rest assured that it is always ISTA validated and manufactured under ISO:9001.  

This is how your bioprocess container should look.

Let ALLpaQ change your life (sciences) for the better

The imitators come. The imitators go. And, if they’re prepared to cut corners in the R&D, they’re equally likely to do so in the fabrication. As the photos above show, they really don’t care about corners. Do you really want to risk the integrity of your precious and invaluable pharmaceutical products in potentially substandard counterfeit products?

Of course you don’t. And for those making the transition from stainless steel to plastic containment, we understand that first impression counts. Receiving one of these baloney boxes would be like switching to an electric car only to discover that the battery lasts for five miles. Naturally, you’re going to say “screw this” and move back to what you know.

When you’ve experienced an ALLpaQ product, though, we’re confident there’ll be no turning back. Just ask the thousands of biopharmaceutical managers who choose our world-leading stackable, collapsible, super-hygiene products. 

Today, ALLpaQ stands tall as the purveyor of the world’s largest range of shipping and bioprocess containers. And, deep within the walls of ALLpaQ’s product development centres, our team of expert designers and fabricators work each day on new top secret packaging and accessory projects. The aim is simple: to design and deliver innovative solutions to solve the complex daily challenges scientists face.

Innovate don’t imitate

Imitators don’t innovate, they don’t improve, they just poorly copy the hard work done by others. Where would science be without innovation and improvement?

It doesn’t matter, though. Because try as they will, one scientific fact remains resolute: where ALLpaQ leads, others follow. 

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