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January, 17th, 2022

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ALLpaQ is a leading manufacturer of cleanroom and laboratory equipment for the biotech industries. Just check out one of our best-selling custom fabricated tube management solutions, the ALLpaQ Spool Trolley. 

As our customers in the biotech industry attest, this solution was made for those looking for a simple, clean and robust tube spool cart for their production area.

The ALLpaQ Spool Trolley is a custom fabricated product that comes directly from the minds and manufacturing skills of our in-house team. With a work shelf on the rear for final prep of connectors and tube management slots along the front to keep the end of the tube always to hand, it is the perfect solution for your assembly and cleanroom requirements.

Spool Trolly specification

Check out the specifications for our off-the-shelf spool trolleys:

  • Width (metric) mm: 480 
  • Height (metric) mm: 1573 
  • Spool Dimensions (metric) mm: 324 x 400 
  • Spool Bar Width (metric) mm: 470 
  • Tare Weight (Estimated): 40KG

Want to know more about this product or would like a bespoke version fabricating? Then touch base with ALLpaQ.

Tube management features

The ALLpaQ Spool Trolley comes complete with a work shelf on the rear for final prep of connectors and tube management slots along the front to keep the end of the tube always to hand. Other key features, include: 

  • Two swivel castors
  • Two swivel break castors
  • Tray is removable and optional
  • Lightweight plastic properties.
  • Heightened hygiene for ease of maintenance and cleaning

ALLpaQ’s in-house team can plan and implement any modifications to Spool Trolley.


Custom cleanroom and laboratory equipment service

Because your bioprocess is unique, off-the-shelf cleanroom and laboratory equipment doesn’t always cut it. That’s why we, at ALLpaQ, have invested heavily in a full, in-house, custom design and fabrication service. 

This means that, whatever you need, we can make it. That’s one of the reasons why our customers love us and you will too. Designing innovative bioprocess and laboratory accessories to help the biopharma industry manufacture valuable media, buffers and bioprocess liquids is just what we do.

From shipping and cleanroom bioprocess containers, to 2D Bag Cabinets, 2D Bag Trays, Document Holders, Status Boards and beyond, ALLpaQ creates all manner of cleanroom accessories. 

And, because we know that hygiene is a critical factor for biopharma businesses, we fabricate smooth products that enable cleaning and maintenance.

In the custom of conversation

Everything in the ALLpaQ range can be made bespoke to your requirements. And, while we have a large range of products and accessories, if you don’t see what you want, we have an incredible team who will design and deliver your products. 

For more information about custom-made products for your assembly and cleanroom requirements, simply ring +44 (0) 1472 800 373, email or fill in the form below. 

We are standing by to help! 

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