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April, 22nd, 2024

Laboratory and Cleanroom Accessories

Introducing the 2D Transfer Cabinet, another innovation from ALLpaQ.

Picture this: you’ve got a need in your cleanroom for a storage solution and a specific spot for it, but everything you find is either too big, too small, or it simply won’t fit through your airlock.

What do you do?

You contact ALLpaQ, the Plastic Engineers.

This is exactly what one of our valued clients did. The result is a customised solution, designed to fit the unique dimensions of their cleanroom like that final piece of their bioprocess jigsaw.

ALLpaQ Side-by-Side Process Cart

Over to the ALLpaQ 2D Transfer Cabinet

This story began with a simple need – efficient use of cleanroom space and the need to transport 2D bags through the cleanroom airlock.

We listened and the result was the ALLpaQ 2D Transfer Cabinet!

This innovative design can easily be split into two parts for easy transportation through airlock doorways and then just as easily be reassembled once inside. The trays are secured with a bar that provides additional safety during transport. This can then be lowered to allow easy transfer of contents from one cart to another.

This mobile marvel is made from lightweight and hygienic plastic which makes it easy to manoeuvre – and to keep hygienically clean.

Designed for use with our range of 2D bag trays from 5L to 50L, this solution allows the smooth transfer of filled trays between Cabinets for efficient tray management.

So, if you have a particular problem that off-the-peg bioprocess accessories simply won’t solve, get in touch with ALLpaQ. Our Tech Team will swing into action, coming up with audacious and innovative projects. We’ll then fabricating them into perfect plastic reality.

Innovation is in our DNA, here at ALLpaQ.

Here’s the versatility and ease-of-use of the 2D Transfer Cabinet being demonstrated by one of our ALLimportanT ALLteaM:

Inside the Side-by-Side Process Cart

While we’re discussing plastic engineering on wheels, it seems appropriate to mention another recent ALLpaQ innovation – The Side-by-Side Process Cart is designed to hold up to six individual 3D 100L bottom-drain bags. There is ample space through the front of the cart to connect bag filling assemblies. The drain tube connector is held in an accessible position with fixed tube grips.

Additionally, operations are easy to monitor thanks to ALLpaQ’s  proprietary ‘Dynamic Doors’. As well as offering security and ease of access, they are transparent, so allow operators to visually monitor fill levels.

As always, our unique ALLpaQ ‘Dynamic Door’ eliminates hinges, slides, catches and bolts from the door mechanism. Meaning there are no traps where bacteria can grow and thrive.

The cart is as mobile as they come, with four roller-bearing castors and handy grips for easy movement.

Plus, the cart is made from cleanroom-friendly and easy-to-clean polypropylene. We can even UV print your company logo, asset number or any other important information onto the process cart.

ALLpaQ 2D Transfer Cabinet

Customised Innovation Just for You

Everything we produce at ALLpaQ is designed and manufactured under the umbrella of ISO 9001:2015 and, of course, all under our roof.

Check out our full range of ISO-certified Shipping Containers, our folding Cleanroom Containers and our wide variety of 2D Accessories.

So, if you’re feeling boxed-in by your current storage solutions and looking for a customised and innovative solution, the ALLpaQ 2D Transfer Cabinet and Side-by-Side Process Cart are ready and wheeling to help.

Need to know more about what ALLpaQ can do to help conquer your cleanroom conundrums?

Drop us a line at We’re always side-by-side with your business’ needs!

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