ALLpaQ 210L Drum: Media & Buffer Storage Solutions

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February, 26th, 2024

Laboratory and Cleanroom Accessories

Drum-roll, please – ALLpaQ has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovating media and buffer storage solutions by developing our 210L Drum – the ‘ALLdruM’, if you will.


This was fabricated specifically to support a client experiencing a supply-chain bottleneck, and is now available to anyone experiencing similar issues.

Drumming-up Innovative Design and Development

The ALLpaQ 210L Drum is the result of a collaborative effort between ALLpaQ and a local moulding partner. This plastic product provided an all-round cylindrical storage solution to our client’s immediate challenge.

It also showcases ALLpaQ’s ability to quickly adapt and respond to unique industry needs.

Banging the 210L Drum about Features and Benefits

The ALLdruM is a storage solution designed for cylindrical 3D bags. It is ideal for storing intermediate solutions or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in warehouses.

The drum is available in various sizes, all sharing the same footprint and it comes with a perfectly fitting dolly.

Crafted from virgin antibacterial polypropylene, the drum ensures both high standards of hygiene and ease of cleaning – which is essential for use in sensitive bioprocessing environments.

And, of course, a plastic drum will be far easier to manoeuvre around your warehouse and cleanroom than a stainless steel equivalent. This is especially true given the dolly accessory which enhances its mobility, making the manual-handling process smooth and efficient.

Its design includes level indicators in both Litres and Gallons, catering to global operational standards and facilitating ease of use across diverse geographical locations.

Un-beat-able Customisation

As you’ve come to expect from ALLpaQ, customisation is king!

With the 210L Drum, customisable options include adjustable drainage ports at the bottom, which can be tailored to your preferences.Additionally, we think you’ll find that our lead times are significantly shorter than you may have come to expect from other suppliers – which will help to ensure quicker availability and less disruption to your supply chain and workflow.

Responding to comments from our clients, we realised that, when you’re using a 200L Drum, it’s useful to have a little extra space at the top to store your tubing. That is why we developed the 210L solution! Listening to our clients and solving their problems is how we (drum) roll!

Cue the 210L Drum Solo

The ALLpaQ 210L Drum is a product of ALLpaQ’s commitment to advancing the life sciences and bioprocessing sectors through our innovative and agile packaging solutions.

If you’re looking to overcome operational challenges with efficient, hygienic, and globally optimised products, the ALLpaQ 210L Drum – the ALLdruM – represents a well-rounded solution.

If you have a supply-chain issue – just get in touch (by filling-in the form at the bottom of this page) and the ALLpaQ Team will swing into action! Let’s work together to improve your life (sciences).

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