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posted by Phill Allen

August, 01st, 2021

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allpaq bioprocess containers

Ready to change your life sciences with all-plastic bioprocess liquid containers from ALLpaQ? Great! Then you’ll be joining the legions of pharmaceutical specialists, production managers and engineers who are making the move from steel totes to fully-customisable plastic ones from ALLpaQ. 

Unlike off-the-shelf weighty steel solutions, ALLpaQ’s in-house design and fabrication team can develop solutions specific to the nuances of your bioprocess workflow, on time and on cost. 

Secondary packaging, primary care

Designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry, Genesis bioprocess containers presents the ultimate storage and shipment solution. Collapsible, stackable and reusable, our user-friendly range of 1000 litre totes features smooth surfaces to inhibit bacterial growth, they are easy to maintain and ready to customise to any application to protect valuable fluid media.

Compatible with all 2D and 3D bioprocessing bag types. No cleaning required and verified as fit-to-fill meaning optimal production uptime.

ALLpaQ’s in-house team can plan and implement any modifications to Genesis shipping totes from shape and size to matching bag port positions for filling, draining and processing.

Plastic properties reduce shipping charges.

Fold the units to save valuable space in return shipping. Maximise warehousing for space and cost optimisation.

Design and development service

As experts in fluid handling and logistic costing, we see bioprocess containers as but one piece of a complex puzzle. How they click efficiently into your processing, warehousing, hygiene and shipping supply chain requirements is of equal importance.

That’s why we strategically plan all dimensions of your containment and bioprocessing needs. ALLpaQ’s in-house team will take the time to understand you, your logistical operations and business goals. Then, we’ll implement a custom solution designed to make your business more competitive and profitable.


Ready to change your life (sciences)?

We’re not ALLtalk, we are ALLpaQ. All of our plastic bioprocess liquid container solutions can be customised to your exact needs. ALLpaQ’s team of product developers are here to field any questions you have.

Call +44 (0) 1472 800 373, email or fill in the form below.

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