5 of the best creative shopping bag designs

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July, 27th, 2022

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At ALLpaQ, we know a thing or two about innovative bioprocess packaging to house single-use bags. So it is that we appreciate a creative bag tote design as much as the next engineer… or shopper.  


Disposable shopping bags are in the midst of a revolution, the onset of paper and reusable alternatives rightly consigning them to the rubbish bins of history for the rest of time. 

Yet, we still need to shop. We still need to transport our goods from A to B. That’s where green-alternative shopping totes bags come in.  And, who said going green shouldn’t be sexy? Not us! 

Smart brands understand that environmental and financial sustainability can go hand-in-hand like a dual bag wielding shopper at high noon. The humble shopping bag is a blank canvas upon which businesses can paint innovative marketing messaging. These walking billboards are proof that physical media still has its place when it comes to boosting branding, profits, and company image.

At ALLpaQ, we are always on the lookout for inspiration to inform our own creative bioprocess packaging designs. These fantastic examples of printed bag design have therefore been making the digital rounds at our offices. 

To help inspire you, we’ve rounded up these 5 fantastically creative ideas for printed bag designs:

#1 Greenpeace

Greenpeace’s ‘give me your hand’ bag

# 2 Lego

This Lego bag literally turns your hand to Lego

#3 YKM

This YKM bag will make shoppers’ hearts skip a beat

#4 Canon

canon-ceative-photography-shopping bag
Canon’s bag is one you’ll want to take a picture of

#5 Fitness Company

Fitness Company proves that shopping is a creative way to tone up

Do you agree?

Did these creative bag designs make you want to shop till you drop? Let us know what you think over at our Facebook page and share some of your favourites in the comments.

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