What do skyscrapers and bioprocess containers have in common?

posted by Phill Allen

March, 30th, 2015

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In the Big City, space is perhaps the most valuable commodity. This also rings true when it comes to biopharmaceutical warehousing and shipping. Getting the most out of every square inch is therefore a must.
Build your biopharmaceutical business with ALLpaQ bioprocess containers - the argument stacks up
So it is that the architects of past and present engineered a solution to this in the great cityscapes of our world. This came in the form of skyscrapers bursting forth from the seed of ingenuity to conserve space by building up instead of out.
Is it possible to apply this logic to bioprocess storage in warehousing and shipment?
After all, bioprocess containers have long been a key part of the bioprocessing supply chain and, traditionally, take up more space than a row of detached properties in central London.
How can biopharmaceutical companies save valuable space along their supply chain?

The business argument stacks up

The blueprint for building up instead of out is tried and tested. ALLpaQ has designed this thinking into its range of stackable bioprocess containers.
Unlike the steel equivalent, fabricating in plastic means ALLpaQ bioprocess containers can be easily stacked, stored and filled with product in volumes up to 1000 L.
Going high-rise maximises valuable warehousing space which, in turn, generates valuable cost savings for the business.
Likewise, when shipped products arrive at their destination, ALLpaQ bioprocess containers can be collapsed to save space in return shipment.
The business argument stacks up.

What to do next?

Speak to one of our fluid handling specialists about how your biopharmaceutical business can engineer space saving along the supply chain.

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