Syncing Success: ALLpaQ & The PC Support Group

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December, 05th, 2023

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At ALLpaQ, we boast an unwavering commitment to quality – not only in our products but also in our people. Our goal is to foster a family culture, and this philosophy extends into our supply chain.

We carefully select partners who share our values and showcase a dedication to delivering high-quality service. For years, The PC Support Group has been an integral part of our journey. In our dynamic industry, robust and reliable IT infrastructure is non-negotiable, ensuring we manage projects effectively and provide the prompt and thorough service that has been key in our success.

Spread across various locations, our team requires seamless access to data and documents – whether they’re in the office, on the production floor, or on the move. The speed and security of our operations are paramount, especially with emerging product and business opportunities. The PC Support Group stood by us from the inception of our manufacturing base in Widnes, providing invaluable guidance on IT and ensuring that technology acts as an enabler rather than a hindrance.

“The PC Support Group is absolutely brilliant, very responsive and supportive. We’re very loyal to our suppliers who stay with us, share our values and provide great, proactive service. The PC Support Group has completely earned our trust and confidence.”

Kirsten Goddard, Finance Director

Crucially, data protection is now an essential prerequisite, meaning we must have proven, best practice cybersecurity protocols in place. The PC Support Group’s expertise laid the groundwork for this, supporting our secure business processes, day-to-day operations and trust building. 

Central to The PC Support Group’s business is their award-winning managed IT support and maintenance program. Their proactive approach, employing sophisticated tools for management and monitoring, has been instrumental in preventing issues, maintaining smooth operations and minimising downtime.

“We took The PC Support Group’s advice and they executed a highly successful transition. The project has improved our efficiency and collaboration plus it’s saved us a lot of money, year on year.”

Kirsten Goddard, Finance Director

To learn more about ALLpaQ’s IT journey, check out the full case study.

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