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November, 15th, 2023


In the dynamic field of cell and buffer preparation within the life sciences, professionals face the intricate challenge of balancing efficiency, flexibility and reliability. Every process is a nuanced dance between precision and adaptability. 

As the market leader in the design of innovative bioprocess containers and fluid management solutions, we understand this all too well. After all, it’s our mission to empower scientists around the world in solving complex daily challenges.

With this in mind, read on for a deep dive into specific hurdles faced by industry experts and how ALLpaQ’s transformative can help you overcome them.

Challenges in Cell and Buffer Preparation

Embarking on the intricate journey of cell and buffer preparation within the life sciences field comes with a set of unique challenges. Professionals strive for precision and adaptability in every step, seeking solutions that go beyond the limitations of off-the-shelf alternatives.

Let’s take a look:

Precision and Adaptability

Achieving precision and adaptability in cell and buffer preparation processes is not just desired; it’s essential. Off-the-shelf solutions often fall short, compelling professionals to seek innovative alternatives.

Workflow Integration

Integrating bioprocess containers and accessories seamlessly into individual workflows presents a significant challenge. Many professionals find themselves wrestling with common pain points during this crucial phase.

ALLpaQ’s Custom Bioprocess Solutions

ALLpaQ was born from a desire to help industry professionals overcome these complex daily challenges. The idea is a simple one. Because your bioprocess is unique, we can plastic fabricate any solution to ensure your workflow keeps flowing. 

This means you can unshackle yourself from the limitations of generic solutions and embrace a world where every detail of your (bio)process is designed with your unique needs in mind. From 3D Single-Use Bag Handling Biocontainers to 2D Bag Handling Laboratory Accessories, witness the power of customisation aligning seamlessly with your workflow. ALLpaQ doesn’t just deliver products; it forges partnerships, ensuring your journey from concept to fabrication is an unrivalled experience.

The Originators of All-Plastic Bioprocess Containers

Two decades ago, ALLpaQ changed the market landscape with the Genesis Shipping Container Series, the first all-plastic bioprocess alternative to steel packaging. The stackable, collapsible design not only revolutionised storage but also optimised shipment space. The family has since expanded. Genesis is now the granddaddy of the world’s largest range of all-plastic shipping and cleanroom biocontainers.

How ALLpaQ Empowers Our Industry

In the dynamic realm of life sciences and biotechnology, ALLpaQ stands as a beacon of empowerment. Specialising in crafting custom solutions for bioprocess challenges, ALLpaQ provides a unique blend of innovation, flexibility and reliability. From precision-engineered containers to versatile cleanroom solutions, ALLpaQ plays a pivotal role in revolutionising how professionals approach their vital tasks.

Full In-House Service

Unlike other plastic providers, ALLpaQ offers a complete in-house service from design to delivery. Every product is meticulously designed by the technical/CAD team, fabricated by plastic welding specialists, and supplied with ongoing aftercare service—all under ISO 9001 certification.

Deep Dive into Products and Solutions

ALLpaQ’s cutting-edge products and solutions redefine the landscape of cell and buffer preparation. From the innovative 3D Cleanroom Containers to the versatile 3D Shipping Containers, each product boasts features designed for precision, adaptability and ease of use. 

While you’re at it, uncover the transformative potential of 2D Lab Accessories Containers, revolutionising your laboratory workflow. ALLpaQ’s commitment to custom fabrication extends beyond containers, with plastic fabrication solutions that empower your (bio)process like never before.

3D Cleanroom Containers

ALLpaQ’s 3D Cleanroom Containers boast features like hygiene, foldability, drop-doors for ease of use and customisability. These containers are designed to address specific challenges encountered in cleanroom environments.

3D Shipping Containers

Highlighting features such as bag compatibility, reusability and a unique base for multiple transfers, ALLpaQ’s 3D Shipping Containers ensure production uptime through verified fit-to-fill.

2D Lab Accessories Containers

Versatile and adaptable, ALLpaQ’s 2D Lab Accessories Containers contribute to a smoother workflow in the laboratory, meeting the demands of various processes.

Summing up

In summing up, ALLpaQ’s custom bioprocess solutions are tailor-made to meet the specific challenges faced by professionals in cell and buffer preparation. The commitment to precision, flexibility, and unbeatable customisation ensures a revolution in (bio)processes. 

Discover the comprehensive offerings by ALLpaQ and embark on a transformative journey in the world of bioprocessing.

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