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December, 15th, 2021

Containers Customisation

From discovery and development to clinical testing and manufacturing, your bioprocess is unique, which means you need – and deserve – unique bioprocess containers and fluid management accessories. 

For ‘unique’, read ‘ALLpaQ’.

With ALLpaQ, we believe you’ll get a unique customer experience – because we offer, as standard, the understanding, problem-solving expertise and precise customisation you need to optimise your fluid management strategy at every stage, from initial conception to delivery at commercial scale.

Our process and fabrication team will design then build your custom units, all under our own roof and all under ISO 9001 certification. That way we can ensure quality control and guarantee that you will get the specifications you need.

Be reassured – we create unique customised solutions for your solutions, and you can check out our typical custom bioprocess container workflow here.

We love it when a bioprocess plan comes together

Here at ALLpaQ, we’ve never met a customisability challenge we didn’t love and we pride ourselves on giving our clients a complete in-house service. Products are designed by our own technical/CAD team, fabricated by our own plastic welding specialists and supplied to requirements by our experienced sales team.

Our fluid management strategy A-Team can configure our bioprocess containers and accessories to adapt, improve and overcome your workflow.

For example, ALLpaQ’s wide range of shipping, warehousing and cleanroom intermediate bulk liquid totes can be updated to accommodate every bag format and brand on the market, from 2D and 3D bioprocessing bags to matching bag port positions for filling, draining and processing. Whatever primary packaging you use, we can customise a bespoke secondary packaging solution that fits like a proverbial glove.

5 steps to bespoke bioprocess success


A typical design workflow has five key stages. We’ll consult with you throughout the process, to ensure you know what you’re getting and that it is exactly what you want and need.

Step 1: Concept

  • You (our client) identify a need. From upstream to downstream bioprocessing, you require perfect secondary liquid packaging to contain your valuable fluid media with pinpoint precision. After all, if there is available space left in secondary biocontainer packaging once your bag is filled, this increases the risk of splitting and leakage due to movement of the bag.
  • You already have your bag validated, so you know what you need. 
  • We create a plan to achieve your business goals in a cost-effective manner.

Step 2: Design

  • ALLpaQ offers a wide range of standard shipping, warehousing and cleanroom totes which are compatible with all bags on the market. 
  • Should your bag have particular dimensions which aren’t supported by the standard range, ALLpaQ’s team of bioprocess and fabrication specialists are standing by to create a custom solution at pace, because we know time is of the essence. 
  • We’ll take your bag specs and our in-house CAD team will draw a custom solution by adapting the most appropriate of our existing biocontainer products. 
  • We’ll supply you with the drawings in the process of consultation. If it needs redrafting, we’ll redraft.

Step 3: Fabricate

  • Once you’re happy with the design, we move to the prototype phase – we’ll fabricate your product and put it through its trials.
  • After a process of integrity testing, the Fabricated Prototype is sent to your location where you can validate it, filling the bag and container onsite, simulating the operation you want to perform.

Step 4: Test

We get it right the first time, almost every time. But, given the importance of your process, if tweaks are required we will prioritise them and implement them at pace.

Step 5: Implement

  • Once signed off, we go into full production of your liquid bioprocess containers. The units will be shipped to you for full bioprocess activation.  
  • Because we care about your bioprocess, ongoing customer service and support will follow. We’ll look to identify continual improvements that will further enhance and optimise your fluid management processes.  

Enough about our (bio)process – tell us about yours

That’s our process for every ALLpaQ product, designed, fabricated and delivered by us – to our worldwide network of pharmaceutical clients.

We’d love to hear from you about your next project or ongoing processes, so we can discuss exactly what the ALLpaQ A-Team can do to help you adapt, improve and overcome. Our fluid management specialists are standing by to talk. Let’s change your life (sciences) today.

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