Plastic liquid bioprocess containers: the genius of Genesis

posted by Phill Allen

September, 29th, 2021

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Genesis plastic liquid bioprocess containers from ALLpaQ represent the ultimate storage and shipment solution. Designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry, they are designed for all 2D and 3D bag applications. 

Picture the scene: you place a single-use bag inside a bioprocess container, you fill the bag with your media then place the plastic liquid bioprocess container into storage or shipping. Used like this, the bioprocess tote could be confused simply as a bodyguard whose job it is to protect valuable media.


Take a moment to consider the lifecycle of a bioprocess tote container, though. Typically it comes into contact with varying aspects of your supply chain. From filling to cleaning, manual handling to regulatory compliance, from storage to shipping, from your company to a customer’s company, one thing’s for sure: your bioprocessing totes get around.

It makes business sense, then, to tailor the capabilities of your bioprocess liquid containers around the needs of your supply chain. This is where all-plastic bioprocess containment comes into play.

Genesis all-plastic bioprocess containers

The genius of Genesis is simple. Unlike cumbersome traditional steel totes, Genesis is interactive to your environment, enhancing your supply chain, rationalising costs and operational processes along the way.

Besides offering your valuable media Fort Knox levels of protection, Genesis plays a key role in:

  • Manufacturing and storage space optimisation
  • Supply chain efficacy
  • Logistics planning and costs
  • Cleaning and validation costs
  • Stakeholder satisfaction

Secondary packaging, primary care

Fabricating in plastic changes the way you store and ship valuable media. Genesis’ design offers a unique level of functionality, including:

Collapsible and stackable: 

Fabricating in plastic means your containers can be easily collapsed and stacked, allowing you to maximize your warehousing floorspace. This also presents space and cost utilisation benefits when shipping.

Manual handling 

Unlike the weighty steel equivalent, our bioprocess containers are lightweight and collapsible. This makes manual handling so much easier, allowing you to align with the rigours of health and safety requirements.


ALLpaQ containers can be folded to save space in return shipment. Plastic is also lighter than steel, generating a reduction in shipping charges.

Reusable and recyclable 

ALLpaQ bioprocess containers can be used time and time again and, in the event of damage, individual panels can be removed and replaced. This adds to the lifespan of your fleet, enhancing sustainability and your bottom line.


Plastic is easier to clean than steel. ALLpaQ products offer better spillage control and can be easily and quickly jet washed. If needed, individual panels can also be removed for cleaning.

Cost effective 

Plastic bioprocess containers are more economical, user friendly and easy to maintain – all healthy for your company’s commercial and operational goals.

Ready to change your life (sciences)?

Great. Fill in the form below and our team of secondary packaging specialists are standing-by to discuss all your fluid management needs.

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