How to customise cleanroom bioprocess containers for single-use bags

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October, 11th, 2022


From research to cell culture development, your bioprocess is unique to you, which is why you customise your cleanroom, accordingly. The challenge is to configure your bioprocess to perfectly accommodate your 2D and 3D single-use bags and wider bioproduction assembly needs. 

Here at ALLpaQ, we love a challenge. 

As Rad Mielniczek, our Operations Director, will tell you: “Every packaging product and cleanroom accessory we develop at ALLpaQ is specifically designed to solve as many of our customers’ day-to-day dilemmas as possible.” 

Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, though, Rad explains how “sometimes standard bioprocess container products need to be customised to fit perfectly” to ensure they slip seamlessly into a client’s novel and unique upstream or downstream workflow.

“Every challenge our clients set us is a chance to customise a unique, bespoke bioprocess solution which deals with their problems quickly, effectively and innovatively,” adds Rad.

ALLpaQ cleanroom bioprocess container case study:

Only recently, did a customer in the biotechnology sector come to ALLpaQ Packaging for a remedy to their cleanroom fluid management ailments. 

In this case study, we’ll show you how we helped them clean it up.  

The challenge: a cleanroom tubing conundrum

The biotechnology customer was utilising our flagship ALLpaQ 1000L Bioprocess Container within their cleanroom environment. In doing so, they had introduced a new single-use bag which had far more tubing than their standard bag type.

As a result, the standard configuration of tube storage didn’t allow for optimal access.

“What can be done?” That was the question they asked our Technical Team.

The answer was simple: “Customise! Let’s make the tube storage area bigger”.

So, we did.

The solution: make more room


It’s just as important for us to have the right tools for the job, as it is for our clients. So, we commissioned a bespoke horizontal saw.

With this, we cut an additional half height skid and used that to create an enlarged fabricated tube storage area.

This solved the issue quickly, effectively and innovatively.

At ALLpaQ, we are determined to continue to lead the way with creative solutions from our own in-house design team – that’s one reason we are trusted by so-many global brands with supplying the largest world-wide range of plastic totes.

And that range is always growing, because the industry is always evolving!

Popular bioprocess containers from ALLpaQ

As the originator of all-plastic bioprocess containers, ALLpaQ is proud to offer the world’s largest shipping and cleanroom range. Here’s a snapshot of some of our popular secondary packaging products.


Bioprocess shipping containers

ALLpaQ’s all-original all-plastic shipping containers go all the way. Reduce costs with totes you can fold, stack and reuse.


Folding cleanroom containers

Will fit your single-use bag and assembly, regardless of the manufacturer. Eliminate cleaning steps. Fold them for storage.

Rigid plastic containers

Purpose-made for use in your cleanroom, with smooth surfaces to inhibit bacterial growth.

Customise containers for your bag liners

If you are not sure if the solution your business needs for storing or transporting your valuable liquid media is available from us, simply get in touch and ask ALLpaQ.

It could be we just haven’t created it for you yet – and your call might be the impetus we’re waiting for to customise yet another revolutionary ALLpaQ all-plastic bioprocess product!

Let ALLpaQ change your life ( sciences ) with a unique, bespoke bioprocess solution.

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