12 months of COVID-19, 12 months of change

posted by Phill Allen

February, 25th, 2021

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During the last twelve months, everything changed in the pharmaceuticals industries.

As detailed in the World Health Organization’s ‘COVID Timeline’,  it was on the last day of 2019 that the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, in China, reported the first cases of a so-called ‘viral pneumonia’.

By January the 9th, 2020, the WHO had determined this was a novel coronavirus – a new disease.

On January the 11th, the first death was reported – and the WHO received the genetic sequences for the novel coronavirus – which it soon made publicly available. 

And so, the pharmaceutical work began.

On February the 11th, the new disease was designated ‘COVID-19’ and was officially declared a pandemic on March the  12th, 2020. It seems mind-boggling that this was barely a year ago.

 So, as the pandemic jumped from continent to continent, the pharmaceuticals industries stepped-up to the challenge of creating a range of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments from a standing start.

You moved swiftly through the research stage, to development, regulation, approval and mass production of a range of vaccines and treatments. Yet, importantly, the reduced timelines didn’t introduce reduced quality or consistency into your process. No matter how much emphasis was placed on urgency, there never was – and never will be – any compromise on due diligence or patient safety.

How ALLpaQ played a part in combating COVID-19.

Our Genesis, Cleanroom, TopDrain and Bespoke Rigid Bioprocess Containers are assisting our customers to develop, produce and maintain the vital supply of vaccines.

And, just as you in the pharmaceuticals industries stepped-up your production to address this unprecedented challenge, ALLpaQ had to go up a gear, too.

We customised our business to meet this new challenge.

Back in May 2020, we announced the fast-track opening of our second manufacturing facility – in direct response to the quickly growing demand for our range of tote products. Little did we suspect that this was not going to be sufficient for what was to come.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demands for our products to be factored into many urgent vaccine production projects around the world, we completed our third manufacturing facility in December.  Once again, we’re proud to be expanding our business in the North West of the UK.

This rounded off a year of massive and urgent change in order to help combat a threat that was claiming more lives every day. 

Thanks to the hard work of our fantastic team – we were up-and-running in record time. 

And, of course, a huge thank you for the continued support of our loyal customers and suppliers, as we continue to change your life (sciences ) at an ever-increasing rate.

Here’s looking forward to facility number four!

But that’s how we roll, here at ALLpaQ, we’re all about customisation to meet our customers’ needs.

How ALLpaQ can customise your business

You can learn more about our Genesis Shipping Containers by clicking here.

Information about our innovative folding Cleanroom Totes can be found here.

Look into our revolutionary Top Drain Biocontainers here.

While the low-down on our Rigid Liquid Totes is here.

And, of course, here at ALLpaQ, we pride ourselves on being able to customise any of our containers or accessories to meet your specific needs.

So, if you have a particular customisation request, simply fill out the contact form, below.

And let’s improve your life (sciences).

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