Can You Add UV Protection To My Cleanroom Bag Trays?

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September, 30th, 2022

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Case study: learn how to customise your single-use cleanroom bag trays with UV protection to safeguard your valuable media from the effects of UV

Here at ALLpaQ, we understand that your bioprocess workflow is unique and ever-changing, so our wide range of cleanroom accessories is customisable to accommodate any 2D or 3D single-use bag and any upstream or downstream configuration.

Invention and innovation are always at the forefront of our technical team’s minds when faced with challenging projects – whether it involves our flagship bioprocess containers or those just-as-important customised accessories to support your cleanroom assemblies.

That’s why we offer a wide range of off-the-shelf accessories and assemblies to offer unique solutions to your unique bioprocess needs.

Furthermore, because we also know that standard won’t always cut it, ALLpaQ’s design and manufacturing teams can customise and fabricate bespoke laboratory and cleanroom accessories for the precise requirements of your cell culture media and buffer processing.

These are the challenges that our design and fabrication teams love to get their teeth into.

One client recently contacted us to provide protection to their bioprocess products in a very specific way. In this case study, we’ll show how that problem is no problem for the ALLpaQ ALLteaM.

The challenge – accessories needing UV protection

A European client contacted us asking: “Can you supply 20L and 50L cleanroom bag trays with UV protection?”

We certainly could!

High levels of UV radiation can damage the cellular structure of biopharmaceutical solutions in their single-use bags.

Therefore, it’s crucially important to protect them both from the physical damage that can come from handling, as well as the cellular damage that can come from UV light.

The solution – providing UV protection and more

ALLpaQ bag trays with UV protection

ALLpaQ’s cleanroom bag trays are cleverly designed to protect valuable media in several ways – including from the effects of UV.

They are also stackable, to save space. Our process tray units also allow tube access from any of the stacked trays and the top tray is protected by our custom-designed dust cover.

This stackable process tray unit is available with customisable dimensions and volumes, to suit your bag configurations. It has also been fabricated from lightweight plastic.

And, all our accessories complement each other and your bioprocess workflow.

This UV protection concept is also available in plastic cleanroom bag trays up to 50L and plastic totes up to 1000L for secure cleanroom use.

ALLpaQ’s gallery of popular bioprocess accessories

ALLpaQ helps pharmaceutical companies optimise all aspects of up and downstream bioprocessing to drive operational and cost benefits. Here’s just a sample of the essential accessories we can supply:


2D Bag Trays

Compatible with all 2D bioprocessing bag types. Stackable to maximise warehouse space and cost optimisation. Lightweight plastic makes for easier manual handling.

2D Bag Cabinets

For unrestricted, safe storage of your 2D bags, our cabinets optimise your bioprocess, while lightweight plastic makes for ease of operator handling and cleaning.


Document Holders

Our document holders can be customised to fit bioprocess assemblies such as bioreactors and chromatography columns. Perfect for logbooks or validation documents, etc.

Spool Trolley

This clean and robust tube spool cart includes a work shelf at the rear, for prep of connectors, plus slots along the front to keep the ends of the tubes to hand.


Status Boards

Writing critical info on our plastic status boards is the key to monitoring your in-production batch. Boards can be customised to fit the exterior of any apparatus.

Let’s accessorise your bioprocess

Does your media need UV protection – or do you have some other day-to-day assembly dilemma that our accessories can help you overcome?

Just get in touch using the form, below – ALLpaQ will provide you with a great solution either from our existing range, or we could develop, design and fabricate something for your specific needs.

Let’s change your life (sciences).

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