Bioprocess Shipping Containers For All Your Single-Use Bags

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July, 01st, 2022

Bioprocess container

Looking for the most efficient way to ship fluid media while protecting your assembly? Then say “hello” to the ALLpaQ Genesis Bioprocess Shipping Container Series. Genesis changed the market over 18 years ago when it became the first all-plastic bioprocess containment alternative to steel secondary packaging. 

At ALLpaQ, we design, fabricate and supply our innovative bioprocess container range under strict ISO Quality management. Available in sizes from 50L to 1000L, we affectionately refer to Genesis as ‘The Daddy’ of plastic totes. That’s because it remains the product of desire even to this day.

At ALLpaQ, we always innovate and lead, leaving others to copy and follow. 

In this product feature, we celebrate the ‘The Daddy’ of the plastic tote world, and explore how our bioprocess shipping containers continue to evolve and innovate to help solve the ever-complex needs of scientists in bioprocessing and vaccine production.  

Secondary packaging, primary care

Do your bioprocess containers fold and stack? ALLpaQ lightweight all-plastic ones do. Our diverse range of reusable bioprocess containers enable the safe manufacture, storage and shipment of valuable fluid media. 

Built around your bag specifications, ALLpaQ BPCs are designed to withstand any bioprocess cleaning regiment and individual panels can be removed for cleaning. 

Customisable to your extra process requirements, we’ve got containment in the single-use bag. In fact, Genesis is compatible with all 2D and 3D bioprocessing bag types.

So, streamline your bioprocessing by:

  • Reducing shipping costs: Our Genesis Bioprocess Shipping Containers are created of a lightweight, user-friendly plastic, making them easy to move and helping to reduce the cost to ship.
  • Enhancing Storage Capacity: With the ability to be folded, reused, and stacked, our shipping containers can allow you to enhance your storage capacity.

With a lockable outlet tubing chamber for protection of assemblies, your operators can easily load and unload ALLpaQ bioprocess containers with forklift or pallet jack.

Container customisation service

From media storage and transport, buffer storage and transport, WFI storage and transport, to harvesting in batches to avoid contamination, ALLpaQ bioprocess containers are used by a wide range of industries for a wide range of applications. 


This means your secondary packaging needs to fit your bag and assembly requirements with the precision of Cinderella’s glass slipper. We are therefore incredibly proud to be able to offer a fully custom service. Whatever assembly requirements you have, we can consult, plan, design, fabricate and deliver bioprocess containers. 

Implement any modifications necessary, including:

Everything we do at ALLpaQ, we do in-house. The team can design and fabricate an biocontainer customisations you need:

Bespoke sizes

With available branding, UV printing, number plate options and more.

Container mods

Including sight windows, tamper evident lids, colour coding totes and more.

The box to your single-use bag

When it comes to plastic bioprocess containers, ALLpaQ stands tall as the originators, as the experts. Genesis is, after all, The ‘Daddy’ of the plastic tote world. 

All ALLpaQ BPCs are fabricated in-house under ISO Quality Management. These units are then supplied with love and care to businesses just like yours around the world. 

For all of your plastic bioprocess container requirements, contact the plastic specialists and change your life (sciences) today.

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