Bioprocess containers for liquid handling biopharmaceutical applications


Are you looking for bioprocess containers? Do you want to enhance your liquid-handling biopharmaceutical applications? If you found yourself nodding or answering “yes, yes,” that’s great, because you are in the right place.

We are ALLpaQ and it is great to e-meet you. Please allow us to tell you about our industry-leading range of all-plastic secondary packaging containers and vessels.

Why are they ‘industry-leading’, you ask? Well, because the revolutionary design of our standard and customisable transfer assembly solutions ensure the ultimate experience in manufacturing, storage and shipping. They are fabricated to protect your valuable media, buffers and bioprocess liquids. 

That’s why increasing numbers of biopharmaceutical managers are moving away from traditional steel bioprocess containers. Instead, they are choosing the all-plastic bioprocess containment solution. So, it should come as little surprise, then, that a recent report predicted that the market will be worth $9.6 billion by 2026.

ALLpaQ bioprocess containers stack up

You’ll be pleased to learn that ALLpaQ’s diverse portfolio of reusable bioprocess vessels are customisable to your exact liquid handling process requirements.

That’s why we are sure you’ll love them. After all, every ALLpaQ fluid management solution offers a range of benefits. These include:

  • Stackability: Maximise your warehousing for space and cost optimisation
  • Bag compatibility: Compatible with all 2D and 3D bioprocessing bag types, our units can be customised to meet all and any needs.
  • Lightweight & collapsible: Fold the units to save valuable space in return shipping.
  • Hygiene: Spillage control and jet washable. Individual panels can be removed for cleaning.
  • Customisable: To your bag and process requirements.
  • Reusable: Keep in rotation for years and replace panels as needed, to add to the lifespan of your fleet.
  • Unique two pallet base: One for forklift, other for bag tubing.

Shipping: bioprocess containers


Genesis bioprocess containers are designed to meet your ever-evolving needs. And that is why they offer the ultimate storage and shipment solution for the pharmaceutical industries.   

Collapsible, stackable and reusable, our user-friendly range of bioprocess containers feature smooth surfaces to inhibit bacterial growth and are easy to maintain. Best of all? They can be customised to any application to protect your valuable fluid media.

Cleanroom: bioprocess containers


ALLpaQ Cleanroom bioprocess containers deliver the ultimate bioprocessing experience for your lab. That’s because our innovative totes optimise upstream media storage. And they do so whilst lowering the profile of introducing buffer into your bioprocess.  

These customisable totes fold for storage. You’ll also benefit from open access to drain tubes, greater hygiene, ease of cleaning and validation.

Customise your secondary packaging


The interaction between your primary single-use bag and secondary packaging system is an important part of your fluid management puzzle. After all, in processing, storage and shipment, the box needs to fit your bag. 

So, if you need a custom solution, ALLpaQ’s in-house fluid management design and fabrication team is here to help you.

  • If you can think it, we can customise it
  • Unit modifications accommodate your bag and process
  • Shape and sizing modifications 
  • Modifications to match bag port positions for filling, draining and processing

Customise your bioprocess container >

  • Screen printing to side panels  
  • Full colour UV printing to put your brand on it  
  • Colour options for base access doors  
  • Security tamper evidence options for lid catches   

Brand your bioprocess container >

  • Smart GPS tracking for the tote range
  • Data insights into where your products are on the logistics journey
  • Insights into how many totes are in operation
  • Automated alerts upon folding back into place of the side panel, indicating the empty tote is ready to collect

Add tracking to your bioprocess containers >

Need more information? Then hit the link to view the full range of ALLpaQ all-plastic bioprocess containers, vessel and liquid-handling transfer solutions here.

Let’s talk liquid-handling

Do you have a liquid handling requirement? That’s great, because ALLpaQ’s team of bioprocess containment specialists are standing by to discuss them. All you have to do is call +44 (0) 1472 800 373, email or fill in the form below. So, let’s talk. >

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