ALLpaQ Assemble: The Bioprocess Containment Endgame

posted by Phill Allen

September, 01st, 2021

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The day had arrived. The day when the fight against unoptimised bioprocess supply chains hit a nexus point. 

Earth spun on its axis. The work of the world’s greatest scientific minds was compromised by non-customisable rigid totes and unreliable production lead times. 

That was the day it would all change. 

From developing innovative vaccines, biologic drugs, novel cells, gene therapies and beyond, the scientists needed empowering in their life-saving work. 

So it was they would unite with the Galaxy’s most powerful team of fluid management superheroes to combat this common threat. 

It was time for ALLpaQ… to Assemble.

ALLpaQ Genesis: AKA. The Incredible Bulk Liquid Container

The- Incredible-Bulk-adds-strength-to-ALLpaQs-bioprocess-container-team1

From his shapeshifting characteristics to his super strong grey exterior, The Incredible Bulk Liquid Container is famed for his heroic exploits. Known by his product range teammates as ALLpaQ Genesis, The Incredible Bulk presents the ultimate storage and shipment solution for the pharmaceutical industry. Don’t leave him empty, you wouldn’t like him when he’s empty.

Super strengths include: 

Compatible with all 2D and 3D bioprocessing bag types. No cleaning required and verified as fit-to-fill meaning optimal production uptime.

ALLpaQ’s in-house team can plan and implement any modifications to Genesis shipping totes from shape and size to matching bag port positions for filling, draining and processing.

Incredible Bulk units can be stacked and folded to optimise space in storage and shipment. 

ALLpaQ Cleanroom Containers: AKA. Captain Cleanroom


Captain Cleanroom is leading the fight against Bacterion – the evil supervillain bent on disrupting bioprocesses around the world. The Captain delivers the ultimate experience for your lab. The innovative plastic cleanroom totes optimise upstream media storage, whilst lowering the profile of introducing buffer into your bioprocess.  

Super strengths, include: 

Spillage control and jet washable. Individual panels can be removed for cleaning.

The customisable totes fold for storage, have open access to drain tubes and deliver greater hygiene, ease of cleaning and validation. 

Lightweight plastic is user-friendly for operators.

ALLpaQ Assemble

At ALLpaQ, we assemble super solutions for super scientists around the world. It’s about supporting you in your heroic efforts to bring harmony to the people of our world. We are indeed the fluid management sidekick you’ve been looking for and together, we can do this. 

For more information ring +44(0) 1472 800 373, email or fill in the form below. 

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