10 of the best Science Jokes: Part 2

posted by Phill Allen

January, 31st, 2022

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“How many psychologists, neuroscientists and philosophers does it take… to explain a joke?” More than it takes to change a lightbulb, it would seem. While the actual science on understanding what makes people laugh still remains unclear, one thing’s for sure: it’s good to laugh.

Supporting this scientific postulation is part one of this blog: ‘10 Science Jokes: Because Laughter Is The Best Medicine‘. Like a Ryan Reynolds movie, it proved incredibly popular. And, given what serious work we do in the life sciences and biotechnologies industries, we’d be forgiven from having a laugh from time to time.

They said we had no more science jokes left to tell. They said it couldn’t be done. Okay, okay, they said it shouldn’t be done! But, we’re doing it, anyway.

So it is that, by popular demand, we bring to you ‘10 Of The Best Science Jokes 2: Part 2‘. And, of course, this being a proper double blind study, we’ve made sure that some of these science jokes aren’t funny, they’re a placebo. We’re just not telling you which ones.

#1 Science Joke – a damp squib

ALLpaQ-10-of-the-best-Science-Jokes-#1 Part-2

#2 Science Joke – we’re pulling your leg

ALLpaQ-10-of-the-best-Science-Jokes-#2 Part-2

#3 Science Joke – a grave mistake

ALLpaQ-10-of-the-best-Science-Jokes-#3 Part-2

#4 Science Joke – oh, buzz off

ALLpaQ-10-of-the-best-Science-Jokes-#4 Part-2

#5 Science Joke – hot stuff

#5 Science Joke - hot stuff

#6 Science Joke – oh, behave

ALLpaQ-10-of-the-best-Science-Jokes-#6 Part-2

#7 Science Joke – float, float on

ALLpaQ-10-of-the-best-Science-Jokes-#7 Part-2

#8 Science Joke – hear-hear

ALLpaQ-10-of-the-best-Science-Jokes-#8 Part-2

#9 Science Joke – let’s get physical

ALLpaQ-10-of-the-best-Science-Jokes-#9 Part-2

#10 Science Joke – a little light reading

ALLpaQ-10-of-the-best-Science-Jokes-#10 Part-2

The science of laughter

A science joke is like a winter cold – you either get it or you don’t. So, hopefully some of those science jokes made you smile. Share your own funny science jokes on our Facebook page.

And, of course, if you’d like to talk to us about the serious business of providing you with our world-beating bioprocess containers and accessories, just call +44 (0) 1472 800 373, drop a (punch)line to email enquiries@allpaq.com, or fill in the form below.

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