What is cold chain management and why should it have been used in Game of Thrones?

posted by Phill Allen

September, 07th, 2017

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First off, we need to explain what cold chain management is.
Cold chain management refers to the logistical process used to maintain the right conditions when transporting temperature sensitive products such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals or … a Wight.
If you’ve been living under a rock for the last seven years, a Wight is a humanoid ice zombie that appears in the award-winning book and TV series, Game of Thrones.

Cold chain management and Game of Thrones

In a recent Game of Thrones episode, a group of brave characters ventured into the icy tundras north of the ‘Great Wall’ in search of a Wight to kidnap and transport south to prove to non-believers that Wights and their creators, White Walkers, exist. However as you would guess, transporting an ice zombie hundreds of miles without today’s modern cold chain technology was tricky to say the least.
What is cold chain management and why it should of been used in Game of Thrones?
This is where we believe that ALLpaQ products would of come in handy.
Just imagine how easy it would of been transporting this vitally important item if the adventurers had a collapsible, stackable and reusable ALLpaQ Genesis bioprocess container to carry the Wight in. In addition, throw in a Master Mover Powered Tug to help move the container and the adventurers journey would of been plain sailing all the way to King’s Landing.
What is cold chain management and why it should of been used in Game of Thrones?
As you can see, cold chain management and ALLpaQ products go hand in hand … no matter what the item is.

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