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posted by Phill Allen

June, 18th, 2018

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Pharmaceutical tote containment systems by ALLpaQ enables manufacturers to safely process, store, and transport valuable fluids, buffers and media.
Genesis, Cleanroom, and Topdrain tote containers are uniquely designed to offer practical and economical benefits to your biotechnology business. Whether you are transporting via road, sea, or air, ALLpaQ has the solution that fits the bill.

Genesis Shipping Totes

ALLpaQ Genesis bioprocess tote containers are the original all-plastic container. The totes are unique in design. How? Because they are stackable, collapsible and foldable totes. This enables pharma companies to optimise shipping and storage via land, sea and air.
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Genesis AIR Totes

Strategically designed to store and protect goods during air freight whilst ensuring no space is wasted, meaning businesses are able to transport more media per flight.

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Cleanroom Totes

ALLpaQ’s cleanroom tote range are designed for specific use within a cleanroom environment. Hygienically designed with bacteria-inhibiting plastic, the folding and detachable sides make for great cleaning and efficient storage with open access to drain tubes.
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Topdrain Totes

Specially designed for applications requiring the filling and emptying of 3D bags. Topdrain is your one stop for safely storing your pharmaceutical media and enhancing storage capacity.
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