The Flexibility of Rigid Liquid Bioprocess Containers

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May, 23rd, 2022


We like to think of our rigid liquid bioprocess containers as the protection surrounding your vulnerable biopharma liquids in their flexible single use bags.

Here, at ALLpaQ, we think we can learn a lot from nature.

The egg is the perfectly-engineered bioprocess container to hold the precious life within. When you choose a cot or car-seat for your baby, you think about the same sort of things – will it keep junior safe? Is it well designed? Is it strong enough? Is it the right size?

Well, when you’re in the life sciences, you have to ask similar questions about your bioprocess containers.

To handle your vaccines, antibiotics and other bioprocess products, you need containers which are strong, hygienic and fit for purpose.

Primary Bioprocess Containers are flexible single-use bags which, for safety, convenience and ease of use, need a rigid secondary container.

Your primary bioprocess containers fit perfectly into your workflow. They also fit perfectly into ALLpaQ’s rigid secondary bioprocess containers.

How do we know? Because our containers are compatible with all bioprocessing bag types. And, they’re verified as fit-to-fill, meaning you get optimal convenience and production uptime.

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Rigid Liquid Container Features

Our rigid liquid containers are specifically designed to be safe and resilient in your cleanroom environment. Their smooth surfaces inhibit bacterial growth, which is great news for cleanroom hygiene.

They say there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. But what about the trusty door? Fortunately, here at ALLpaQ, we realised that but we realised that having doors in containers offered the opportunity for accidents and infection – so, we created ALLpaQ’s unique Dynamic Door.

The Dynamic Door comes fitted as standard. It allows you easy access to your primary bags whilst eliminating hinges, slides, catches and bolts from the door mechanism. This means there’s no danger of snagging and tearing the bag whilst allowing  few opportunities for bacterial growth.

We think it’s probably the cleanest door system ever.

Return and Recycle your Rigid Liquid Containers

Our all-plastic rigid liquid containers are entirely recyclable.

At ALLpaQ, we are committed to a responsible future through recycling plastic liquid pharma containers. This means that, when your units reach the end of their life, we’ll always accept ALLpaQ totes back from our customers for recycling.

This is important. After all, the benefits of recycling and reusing plastics include:

  • Less plastic in landfills 
  • Reduction in oil consumption in plastic production 
  • Savings in energy consumption 
  • Decreases pollution across ecosystems
  • Reduction in CO2 carbon emissions

So, when you employ ALLpaQ’s all-plastic rigid liquid containers, you’ll know you’re using a user-friendly, versatile and sustainable solution.

Ready to Discover the Flexibility of Rigid Liquid Plastic Containers?

To find out more about how ALLpaQ all-plastic bioprocess containers can optimise your pharmaceutical storage and shipment supply chain, just hit the button, and we’ll get in touch.

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