How clean is your cleanroom?

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July, 29th, 2014


Just how clean is your cleanroom? When it comes to cell culture and vaccine production, it needs to be spotless. This is easier said than done.

Ensuring your cleanroom environment is only occupied by a controlled level of contamination can be as tricky as making a teenager clean their bedroom.

Nobody enjoys a build up of socks on the floor and likewise, in the cleanroom environment, unwanted particles in the air can have a critical effect.

There are a range of contaminants that cause problems in cleanroom environments. These include the facilities, people, tools, fluids and the product being manufactured.

Cleaning up your bioprocess container act

If you use standard stainless steel bioprocess containers within your cleanroom environment, for instance, you have a challenge on your hands to keep them contaminant free.

ALLpaQ cleanroom bioprocess containers have been specially designed to make this task easier. Developed for specific use within a cleanroom environment, the container delivers greater hygiene, cost effectiveness, functionality and versatility day in, day out

The ALLpaQ cleanroom bioprocess container range is:

  • Foldable to enhance storage capability within controlled environments
  • Equipped with open access to the drain tubes for ease of operation
  • Manufactured in virgin material with smooth sides to inhibit bacterial growth
  • Made from plastic which is easier to clean than steel and can be jet washed
  • Complete with individual sidewalls which can be removed for cleaning and hygiene

With the piles of socks, old cereal bowls and wrappers lurking under the bed, some rooms are certainly harder to clean than others.

Happily, as disgusting as your teen’s messy room might be, when at work ALLpaQ bioprocess containers help keep your cleanroom spotless.

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