Bioprocess secondary packaging: the customised is always right

posted by Phill Allen

October, 13th, 2021


We know that your validated bioprocess bags are already in play and that you, therefore, need secondary packaging that is compatible with those bags. That’s why ALLpaQ’s range of standard shipping, warehousing and cleanroom totes are compatible with all major bag types on the market.

However, your particular lab or process may necessitate bags which aren’t standard and, therefore, your secondary packaging can’t be standard, either.

That’s where ALLpaQ customised secondary packaging can be as unique as you are.

Should your bag have particular dimensions which aren’t supported by the standard range, ALLpaQ’s team of bioprocess and fabrication specialists are standing by to create a custom solution.

Because the customised is always right.

Your first choice in customised secondary packaging

From discovery, development, clinical testing to manufacturing, your research and drug development process is unique, so you deserve a unique customer experience, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with ALLpaQ. If you want to know how we can create a unique customised solution for your solutions, you can check out our typical custom bio-containers workflow here.

That’s how we deliver the customisation you need to optimise your in-process supply chain from clinical development stages through to commercial scale.

Changing your life (sciences)

It’s our mission to increase your in-process productivity and that’s not just with our customised secondary packaging totes, but with all your bio-containers and accessories. From the warehouse to the lab to the lorry, we’ve got you covered.

For more info about just how ALLpaQ’s large range of standard shipping and cleanroom pharma liquid totes can be customised around your primary packaging, touch base on +44 (0) 1472 800 373, email or fill in the form. 

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