Bioprocess containment: customising the customer experience

posted by Phill Allen

October, 27th, 2014

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It often helps to think outside the proverbial box when it comes to fabricating and supplying folding plastic bioprocess containers to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
Do we supply large volume fluid handling containers for the shipping and storage of media and buffer solutions? Yes, we do.
In many cases though, we also supply clients with consultation designed to streamline their whole containment needs from start to finish, saving time and money along the way.
Knowledge is always power in the arena of fluid handling so, wherever you are on your journey, we can step in and help.
A start-to-finish process might follow this pathway:

Step 1:

Creating a plan to achieve your business goals in a cost-effective, efficient manner: criteria could include the best way to handle large volume media, logistics, shipping and satisfying regulations

Step 2:

Product development and a trial phase to get you off to the best start

Step 3:

Full implementation of the plan

Step 4:

Ongoing customer care, services, consultancy and maintenance

What to do next?

Talk to one of our fluid handling consultants about implementing a containment strategy which enhances the sustainability and profitability of your business.

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