ALLpaQ’s Carbon Footprint Report for 2022

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February, 22nd, 2023

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Every business needs to be conscious of their Carbon Footprint.

Here, at ALLpaQ, we’re committed to achieving Net Zero carbon emissions. This isn’t just important for the future of our business, it’s vital to our customers, our team, their families and the environment we all live in.

We have made our commitment explicit in our Environmental Policy, but it isn’t enough to talk the talk, we also have to walk the sustainability walk.

That’s why we’re taking the necessary steps along the Carbon Removal pathway.

Kirsten Goddard, our Group Finance Director, has written in this article about the important steps we’re taking to achieve Net Zero.

As Kirsten says: “In 2022, we really focused on how to best reduce our environmental impact as a business. We began this by setting up a dedicated Sustainability Team, as well as contracting an external specialist, which has helped us define our objectives and advised us as on the most accurate and enduring method to approach this.”

That external specialist is Green Small Business and they have had many meetings with our Sustainability Team to advise on ways we can address direct and indirect emissions.

They have also spent the year recording and calculating our Carbon Footprint, so we will be able to make informed decisions about what we need to do.

ALLpaQ’s Carbon Footprint Calculation

The results are in.

An important part of our commitment to our customers and our team is to be completely transparent about this process. So, with that in mind – here are the results of our team’s hard work, with the support from Green Small Business:

(‘tCO2E’ means ‘Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent’ and is a measure of the global warming potential of all greenhouse gases)

Source 2021/2022
tCO2E % of total
Premises heating fuels 7.3 0.2%
Premises electricity 38.9 1.1%
Water use 0.7 0.0%
Homeworking 2.1 0.1%
Fuel in company vehicles & machinery 11.8 0.3%
Business travel 11.2 0.3%
Employee commuting 36.6 1.0%
Material use 1797.4 49.6%
Waste 1.3 0.0%
Upstream transportation 366.2 10.1%
Downstream transportation 704.7 19.5%
Hotel stays 1.2 0.0%
Cloud computing 0.1 0.0%
Other goods & services 643.3 17.8%
Total 3622.6 100%

Our Carbon Footprint has been calculated using GHG Protocol’s standardised frameworks for measuring and managing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This is the most widely-used international carbon accounting methodology.

This table summaries the emissions sources included in ALLpaQ’s Carbon Footprint for the baseline year of 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022.

So, the headlines from this are that our emissions are supplied by the following sources:

  • 49.6% – MATERIAL USE

If the columns of numbers don’t mean that much to you, here’s what this data looks like as a pie-chart:


This is our baseline calculation – which tells us what our Carbon Footprint was like before we put in a raft of new sustainability measures.

The ALLteaM are already determindly working on calculating the 2022-23 footprint, so we can begin to make meaningful comparisons and hopefully we’ll already start to see some reductions. However, the main result of this footprint is so that we can identify the biggest causes of emissions and start to look at the next steps we, as a responsible business, need to take to make long-lasting, permanent reductions in our impact.

We’ll keep you posted!

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