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December, 02nd, 2022

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As Sir Noddy of Holder once said: “It’s Chriiiistmaaaas!”

Oh, you’ve noticed.

While some retailers may have been trying to make you feel Christmassy since you came back from your summer holiday – here at ALLpaQ, we’ve decided to wait until December.

But now the gloves are off (and the sparkly mittens are on) so, it’s time to tell you all about our most important client.

I’m Al the ALLpaQ Alpaca and I recently took a journey all the way to the North Pole to meet with none other than Santa Inc.

Not a lot of people realise this, but ‘Santa’ is actually a brand as well as a person. So, when you’ve had a present delivered by Santa, it’s a bit like having a parcel delivered by Amazon – only with flying reindeer instead of delivery vans.

I was there at Santa Inc. HQ to discuss logistics with The Big Man himself – Pharma Christmas.

You see, now there are 8 billion people in the world – that means there are a lot of new children, so Pharma Christmas needed to discuss his supply chain concerns.


Santa’s Christmas Customisations

Santa Inc.’s fleet of reindeer-drawn sleighs are all fully-serviced and raring to go, but Pharma Christmas needed help in reducing the number of journeys – after all, reindeer can’t fly without fuel.

So, it would massively help with the fruit and veg bill if they could reduce the number of flights needed. I called it “the 24 Carrot solution”, which made the reindeer chuckle. (Ungulate humour!)

I also made a few suggestions about how ALLpaQ Shipping Containers could help reduce reindeer air miles and speed up the delivery process. It’s fair to say Santa’s elves were all (pointy) ears.

ALLpaQ’s Christmas Containers are made from lightweight plastic and they can be stacked to save space in the sleigh – meaning the reindeer can comfortably pull twice as many presents. More containers per flight means more presents delivered, in turn, means more happy children and less reindeer air miles flown. Result!

But ALLpaQ’s innovations don’t end there. Pharma Christmas asked for more – and we delivered! To create even more Christmas Eve efficiency, we made some modifications to Santa Inc.’s usual ALLpaQ Christmas Present Containers. That’s because we can’t help ourselves – we provide the tote(al) service.

These included volume measurements inside the box, which is really helpful when Santa Inc’s elves are filling the containers. We’ve also pioneered a robust drop-door to make it easier for Pharma Christmas to reach the presents during the delivery workflow. And, we’ve even included a view window in the side of the box to help monitor levels of presents during the night.


If it’s Good Enough for Santa…

Pharma Christmas was so delighted with ALLpaQ’s innovations that he’s convinced this year’s delivery will go without a hitch – with reindeer air miles reduced, and a serious saving on reindeer fuel which is great news for the winter economy!

Since our container customisation concepts are now Santa-approved, we decided that we’d roll them out for all of our friends in the pharma sector.

That’s why our revolutionary 500 PLUS container is available in both Genesis Shipping and Folding Cleanroom configurations and features an unbeatable range of features.

ALLpaQ all-plastic biocontainers are the gift that keeps on saving!

An ALLpaQ Tote Isn’t Just for Christmas

If you’d like to know how ALLpaQ can improve your workflow, both in your shipping endeavours and in your cleanroom laboratory environments, just fill out the form below. Tell us Santa sent ya!

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