ALLpaQ bioprocess liquid containers optimise Santa’s Christmas supply chain

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December, 01st, 2021

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ALLpaQ, the leading manufacture of bioprocess liquid containers and laboratory accessories to the pharmaceutical industries, announced this week a new partnership with Santa Claus to ensure the safe delivery of the world’s Christmas presents.

The news comes on the back of a new deal struck at the COP26 summit in Glasgow aimed at staving off dangerous climate change.

Mr Claus has faced a swathe of pressure to embrace a more sustainable approach to his supply chain. Critics have pointed to the increasing size of presents as a key reason for his team to make multiple trips around the world on Christmas Eve.

“As you know, I’m not getting any younger,” said Mr Claus, speaking outside of his Lapland warehouse. “With Children all over the world adding increasing number of presents to their lists, my team is no longer able to complete the order within one mass delivery.”

Whilst more needed to be done to ensure big emissions are cut to limit warming to 1.5C, Mr Claus praised the efforts of businesses and organisations around the world.

And he was “positive” that the new partnership with ALLpaQ would help reduce his company’s own carbon reduction goals.

“My logistics manager, Elfvis Presley, discovered ALLpaQ on the internet. Working with the guys, the ultimate storage and shipping bioprocess container solution was created. Through these optimisations we’ve managed to double storage space meaning we can reduce the number of trips we make by 50 percent on Christmas Eve.”

Unwrapping ALLpaQ bioprocess boxes

ALLpaQ empower businesses around the world by designing and developing solutions to help them store, ship and protect valuable media, buffers and bioprocess liquids.

“Now it was Santa’s turn for the ALLpaQ treatment,” said Phill Allen, the company’s managing director. Mr Allen explained how Santa required a solution which would optimise his yearly logistics run, lighten his sleigh and ensure the safe transportation of all the world’s Christmas presents.

“Working with Elfvis, we customised a Genesis liquid shipping tote to precisely fit his commercial and operational goals. The fabricated unit is easy for Mr Claus’ team to maintain and designed to optimise the entire volume.”

This, said Mr Allen, meant Mr Claus would no longer waste any space when delivering presents around the world.

Mr Claus recalled a time when his sleigh went missing. “The year was 1789, I believe, and I’d pulled over to take a break and stretch my legs. Rudolph was going through a bit of a bad patch during this time and did a runner with the sleigh.”

ALLpaQ therefore factored trackability into Santa’s new shipping product. Mr Allen commented: “Smart GPS tracking was added to the product and this means Mr Claus and his team now has real-time access into where his sleigh is on the logistics journey at any one time.”

An ALLpaQ tote isn’t just for Christmas

Get in touch find out more about how ALLpaQ is helping Santa.

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