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May, 10th, 2022

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ALLpaQ has recently joined Investors in People, as part of our ongoing endeavours to be the best employer – and the best business – we can be.

And, we’re delighted to announce that Investors in People have assessed us at their GOLD standard.

This is an incredible achievement and is testimony to the hard work done by all members of the ALLpaQ team.

Our team is the most important part of our company and ensuring we have a happy, productive and fully trained team will ensure we have the best products leaving our sites. Investors in People will support us to achieve this.

So, What is Investors in People?

The Investors in People initiative was created, back in the early 90s, as a mechanism to develop a national standard for best practice, management, training and continuous improvement in businesses.

This accreditation process has been developed and refined over almost 30 years, to help businesses and employees work together to create an effective business environment. More than 50,000 organisations have been accredited in that time, including all types of industries. The ‘We Invest in People’ mark is now recognised as a badge of excellence in 66 countries around the world.

What does the Investors in People accreditation mean for ALLpaQ?

We didn’t go into this process lightly, but as part of our ongoing mission to ensure that our team is as happy and as productive as possible – which is in the interest of everyone: our staff, our business and our customers.

As Kirsten Goddard, ALLpaQ’s Finance Director explains:

We decided to apply for Investors in People to ensure we’re doing the best we can for our team. It’s not just about getting another accreditation, it is also about being able to constantly review and improve all our processes and resources, as well as developing our whole team to be the best they can be.

We currently pay our people above the minimum living wage! This, alongside our Profit Share scheme and how we constantly invest in our people, will again increase the satisfaction of our team. ALLpaQ has a yearly objective of 96% staff retention and, at the present, we are achieving 99%. Our Investors in People accreditation will support us in continually achieving this.

ALLpaQ Finance Director – Kirsten Goddard

The Investors in People accreditation helps us to understand how our all-important ALLteaM is feeling and, therefore, how we can best support them

And, as any business knows, retaining good, skilled staff is essential to maintaining and improving quality and productivity. We need great, experienced people in our team so we can continue to produce the quality and quantity of pioneering plastic products that our customers need.

Investors in People - An ALLpaQ Tote with the INvestors People Logo on it

What Does Our Investors in People Accreditation Mean for Our Customers?

There is a tangible benefit for our customers to all this, since it will lead to increased productivity, quality and innovation which will directly benefit our customers.

As Kirsten adds: 

Our core values include care, respect and quality.  Our customers will benefit knowing that the team working on their orders are treated with care and respect and this will support the quality of work they produce.  Having this Investors in People accreditation will show our customers we are recruiting and retaining the best people for our team.

ALLpaQ Finance Director – Kirsten Goddard

As the Investors in People website details, there are many benefits to our qualifying for this accreditation, including:

  • 60% of accredited organisations predict business growth, compared to the UK average of 47% 
  • Because our staff are properly supported, our business could be up-to 17% more productive 
  • ALLpaQ could also be up to 21% more profitable
  • We’ll be able to benchmark ourselves against other accredited organisations, to see how you compare
  • We’ll have the support and guidance of an expert practitioner and a dedicated account manager

All of this equates to ALLpaQ becoming more productive and more competitive, which will empower us as we continue to innovate the market-leading bioprocessing containment solutions that our customers need.

Investing in Our People

Our success and our customers’ satisfaction comes from us treating our team right and ensuring their happiness doesn’t stop at work.

As reported previously, we are an accredited Living Wage Employer, which means we pay above the official ‘National Living Wage’ to ensure our team can lead fuller lives and support their families.

Combining this with our Investors in People status ensures we are investing in our team and constantly looking at ways to improve with training, appraisals, KPIs, Objectives and at least one eye always on our team’s wellbeing.

After all, as it says on the Investors in People website: “Your people are your most valuable commodity. Central to the success of any organisation is the right blend of talent, motivation and leadership.”

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