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February, 25th, 2022

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ALLpaQ is proud to announce that we have become an accredited Living Wage Employer!

We know that our staff are committed to the standards and values of our company – and of our clients – and we want to ensure that this commitment and motivation is rewarded properly!

The Living Wage Foundation is a movement of thousands of organisations, businesses and people across the UK, who believe that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay.

So, what is a ‘living wage’?

At the moment, the legally-binding Minimum Wage is £8.36 an hour for people under 23. Many organisations have campaigned to have that replaced by a higher Living Wage – which they feel more accurately reflects people’s actual cost of living..

Back in 2016, the government introduced a new higher Minimum Wage for workers over 25, which they called the ‘National Living Wage’. However, as the Living Wage Foundation explains here, this figure is not calculated according to what employees and their families need to live. It is, in essence, still a minimum.


Well, here at ALLpaQ, we know how important our workers are to the success of our business – and how that directly affects the important work done by our customers throughout the pharma sector. That’s why we don’t feel that the minimum is an appropriate reward for all the hard work our team puts in.

With the price and tax rises we’re all hearing about in the news and feeling in our wallets, it’s never been more important for us, as a responsible employer, to ensure that our workers feel valued and that their work is rewarding.

The Living Wage Foundation does incredibly important work in highlighting the benefits of paying a living wage.

The benefits of paying a living wage

There are over 9,000 accredited employers in the Living Wage Foundation network, going further than the statutory requirements in recognising and rewarding their staff.

The business benefits are far-reaching:

75% of accredited employers report improved employee motivation and retention. 

Hiring replacement staff can be expensive and time-consuming, holding on to the trained and experienced staff we already have is better for them and better for our business.

Improved motivation and morale can lead to greater productivity. Also, if workers know they are valued and are better able to pay their bills, that can reduce stress and, therefore, reduce days lost to illness.

86% of accredited employers also report that their business reputation has improved.

This brings a range of benefits. It speaks to the ethos of our business, which we hope will reassure our clients that we are ethical and forward-thinking. Membership of the Living Wage Foundation can also be something that encourages other businesses to make referrals.

But, for us, it makes the most sense because we want to invest in our people. We have a great team that is constantly growing, and we want it to stay that way. Our fabrication team, for example, is trained specifically by us to hand-build our products to the standards our clients demand. 

That level of skill and experience has incalculable value to a growing quality-focused business like ours.

The value of customisation

If you’d like to benefit from the bespoke bioprocess products our valued employees produce – you can see our range of Bioprocess Containers here and find out all about our customisation process here.

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