ALLpaQ Genesis Bioprocess Totes Travel the World

posted by Phill Allen

March, 16th, 2022

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Now that the airports are open and the cargo plane wheels are up – ALLpaQ Genesis bioprocess totes can’t wait to see the world again.

It’s 18 years since our founder, Phill Allen, had the idea to introduce all-plastic bioprocess totes into the pharma industry’s supply chain. It’s fair to say that idea has since taken flight and the Genesis 1000L was the first ALLpaQ product to land on the UK market.

Since then, Genesis has certainly seen the world.

And the world has seen the benefits of Genesis. It has become a core solution for life science and biotech clients globally, travelling to laboratory facilities around the world and being seen in leading industry exhibitions across Europe, America and Asia.

Genesis has even sent us some holiday snaps – after all our hardest-working products are on permanent vacation!


The Point of ALLpaQ Genesis Bioprocess Totes

Why has Genesis taken off (both literally and figuratively)? We think it’s because this revolutionary all-plastic shipping tote presents the ultimate storage and shipment solution. 

Genesis is collapsible, stackable and reusable. All of which are features which mean our totes can have a beneficial impact on your bottom line. And that’s the point!

Let us count the ways our bioprocess totes can help your business:

  1. Stackable: Designed specifically to be stackable, our bioprocess totes offer a hugely improved ratio of storage to footprint. This helps you maximise your warehouse space and optimises space and cost when it comes to shipping.
  2. Collapsible: Once they’re empty, you can fold our Genesis units to save valuable space in return shipment.
  3. Lightweight: Whether Genesis is full of precious fluid and heading towards a far-off pharma destination, or empty and coming back to base after a job well done, plastic’s lightweight properties ensure reduced shipping charges.

And our journey into the benefits of all-plastic bioprocess totes doesn’t end there!


You’ll Love ALLpaQ Genesis

Yes, there are amazing supply-chain savings to be made by sending our lightweight, stackable, collapsible bioprocess totes around the world. But, we also think you’ll love the savings of time and trouble you’ll find in handling our Genesis totes in your lab and warehouse.

  1. Hygiene: Smooth surfaces inhibit bacterial growth. We also offer spillage control. Individual panels can be removed for cleaning and the whole unit is jet washable, for added convenience.
  2. Manual handling: Lightweight plastic is user-friendly for operators, offering benefits in the use of dollies and tugs.
  3. Reusable: Keep your bioprocess totes in circulation for years, they’re cheap to bring home, easy to wash and they’re ready for another journey. If any panels are damaged in transit, we can easily replace them to add to the lifespan of your fleet.

And, don’t forget, just like all ALLpaQ products, Genesis all-plastic bioprocess totes come in a wide range of standard sizes. But, if you still can’t find the configurations or dimensions that fit your workflow, let us know.

The same team of expert designers and fabricators who build all our units will bring their skills to bear on creating bespoke units to your precise specifications.


You’ll Be Over The Moon With ALLpaQ Genesis

Okay, we confess – ALLpaQ Genesis hasn’t really been to The Moon. But never say never. It’s one small step for a bioprocess tote!

Our bioprocess containers, just like all ALLpaQ products, are designed to meet even the most out-of-this-world needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

When your requirements change, our products change.

That’s why we were recently asked to supply a tote with a new volume. Using our custom fuse welding technology and great plastic engineering know-how, we efficiently reduced the side walls of our 1000L Genesis product to create the all-new 600L bioprocess tote.

The Wonderful World of Bioprocess Tote Customisation

Whatever you need and wherever in the world you need it – you need to talk to ALLpaQ about it.

The journey from your problem to our world-class solution is a surprisingly short one – because we know that providing a high quality product backed by the finest service makes a world of difference to your business! If you’d like to benefit from the bespoke bioprocess products our delightful designers and wonderful welders can fabricate – you can see our range of Bioprocess Containers here and find out all about our customisation process here.

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Phill Allen

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An in and outside the (bioprocess) box thinker, fluid management specialist Phill knows a thing or two about keeping pharma liquid logistics flowing.

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