ALLpaQ Dynamics at Making Pharmaceuticals Ireland

posted by Scott Graves

September, 14th, 2022

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ALLpaQ is delighted to announce our sister company, ALLpaQ Dynamics, will be attending the Making Pharmaceuticals event in Dublin, Ireland, on September the 27th and 28th.

This is a great opportunity for a valued member of the ALLpaQ family to spread the word about our pioneering, industry-leading ALLpaQ bioprocess products.

Talk to us about whatever bioprocess fluid management challenges your company faces. We’ll advise you on the products we produce which could change your life (sciences). And, if we don’t already produce the solution you need, our design team could get right on it!

ALLpaQ Dynamics can customise any biocontainer solutions or, indeed, any of the associated accessories. If you’ve encountered problems with locating containers to accommodate your existing 2D and 3D bags, our team will be able to talk you through the various ways we could solve that problem for you.

We love a challenge – so come and talk to us about yours! Find ALLpaQ Dynamics at stand 111 at the Making Pharmaceuticals Exhibition.

Look for our distinctive display – with our brand new, revolutionary Mark 5 Genesis Shipping Container on site, so you can explore its industry-leading features.

About the Genesis Shipping Container

The evolution of ALLpaQ Dynamics has gone hand-in-vinyl-glove with the evolution of our flagship Genesis Shipping Container.

The original all-plastic bioprocess container changed the fluid management game, and has continued to evolve. Genesis Mark 5 brings together the very latest in innovative design and cutting-edge engineering.

This is based on nearly two decades of working with and responding to the needs of our clients around the world.

Genesis is compatible with all 2D and 3D single-use bag types, it is stackable to help make the most of your cubic space when shipping. It can then be collapsed and folded-up when empty, to make even better use of space on the return journey.

Being made entirely of lightweight plastic means that Genesis Shipping Totes can help to reduce your shipping costs in several ways, whilst enhancing your manufacturing, storage and shipping capabilities.

Visit us at stand 111 and ask us about the cutting edge features we’ve built into our Mark 5 Genesis Shipping Tote. We’ll happily give you a demonstration.

Meanwhile, you can check out the entire range of Genesis Shipping Totes here.

About Making Pharmaceuticals Ireland

Making Pharmaceuticals Ireland is both an Exhibition and a Conference. Over two packed days, it will bring together a spectrum of experts and professionals from the pharmaceutical industry to address, in forensic detail, the complex issues associated with all the stages of conceiving, developing, manufacturing and shipping pharmaceutical products. In other words: everything that goes into making pharmaceuticals!

Making Pharmaceuticals is the only conference and exhibition of its kind in Ireland that is free to attend!

Learn more about this exciting event at their official website here.

About ALLpaQ Dynamics

ALLpaQ Dynamics is based in Shannon and is part of the ALLpaQ Packaging Group. Check out the full range of ALLpaQ Dynamics products that are available to customers across Ireland – by checking out

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