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September, 08th, 2021

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ALLpaQ supply the largest worldwide range of folding plastic bioprocess containers to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. From our head offices in the UK, we operate in markets around the world including Europe, Scandinavia, the USA and South East Asia.

It’s our job to help scientists around the world to solve complex daily build management challenges. At the heart of this is our industry-defining Shipping, Cleanroom and Topdrain bioprocess tote range.

ALLpaQ all-plastic bioprocess liquid containers are designed to offer practical and commercial benefits to your business. Our totes are unique in design. Firstly – because they are stackable, collapsible and foldable.

This enables pharma companies to optimise shipping and storage via land, sea and air. Secondly – our totes and ancillary supplies can be custom designed to fit your specific needs.

If you didn’t know you needed ALLpaQ, you do now.

Shipping bioprocess totes

genesis-shipping-all-plastic-liquid-bioprocess-totes-from allpaq

ALLpaQ Genesis bioprocess containers are the original all-plastic container. Whether used in shipping via land, sea and air, or placed in storage, the range drives operational and economic benefits for businesses in the biopharmaceutical sector. Genesis bioprocess containers also come in a range of customisable sizes.

Cleanroom bioprocess totes


Hygienically designed to be cost-effective, functional and versatile, ALLpaQ Cleanroom bioprocess containers are foldable for efficient storage with open access to the drain tubes for ease of operation. Cleanroom bioprocess containers come in a range of customisable sizes.

Topdrain bioprocess totes


Topdrain bioprocess totes are designed for applications requiring the filling and emptying of 3D bags. Fabricated to enhance storage capacity, Topdrain safely secures the storage of valuable media for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Rigid plastic bioprocess totes


ALLpaQ’s all-plastic range of rigid totes includes accessories such as pegboard karts, bag cabinets and bespoke trays, to optimise upstream media storage. They lower the profile of introducing media and buffer into your bioprocess.

Stainless steel bioprocess totes


Plastic solutions may not be right for your business, but you can still rely on ALLpaQ. Our Stainless Steel Totes offer unique and innovative design features for “Single Use” liquid applications. Stainless Steel Rigid Totes offer heavy-duty reliability, with excellent resistance to corrosion. As with all our products, our Stainless Steel solutions are bespoke and designed to fit your needs.

Ready to change your life (sciences)?

If you have tote requirements, we have the solution. After all, we’re the company with the largest worldwide plastic product range.

Touch base on +44 (0) 1472 800 373, email or fill in the form below.

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