ALLpaQ Bioprocess Containers Save the World – And Spoil your Favourite Horror Films

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October, 17th, 2023

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Horror movies are full of things being released into an unsuspecting population and causing chaos. Aliens, monsters, viruses … alien-monster-viruses … They’ve all, at one time or another, escaped containment and got up to no good. That’s the way many great horror and sci-fi movies have begun.

If only those things had been stored in robust ALLpaQ plastic biocontainers, the problems wouldn’t have arisen.

We’re not saying that ALLpaQ can save the world and avert the apocalypse. But we might be hinting at it!

So, to celebrate scary movie season, let’s look at the way ALLpaQ could have spoiled some of your favourite movies by solving the problem before it happened. You’re welcome!

Ghostbusters (1984)

ALLpaQ ain’t ’fraid o’ no ghost.

Actually, ‘They’re here to save the world’ was the original advertising strapline for this film – well, if they were serious about that, they really needed an ALLpaQ bioprocess container as part of their kit!

Picture the scene – three mad scientists (and one guy who just needed a job)  have been running around New York for months catching scary, slimy ghosts and storing them in their ‘ecto-containment unit’. Which they have in their basement. In the middle of the city. Cos, y’know, why not?

Hate to say it, but the prissy and officious Environmental Protection Agency inspector, Walter Peck, has a point – they’re storing hazardous undead material in a built-up area. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Unfortunately, when he has the Ghostbusters arrested, he decides to have their ecto-containment unit switched off – which then creates the accident he was trying to avoid. This leads to a massive explosion and hundreds of trapped ghosts being released into the streets of New York.

Now, if they’d been stored in the ALLpaQ Ecto 1000, with optional view window – there would be no power supply to switch off and Peck could have checked the fill level, to realise there were an awful lot of glowing ghosts and ghoulies glooping around in there. Yes, ‘glooping’ is the proper term for a box full of pressurised poltergeists.

The simple fact is, the ghosts in Ghostbusters wouldn’t have escaped if they had been stored in an ALLpaQ biocontainer.

Then they could have avoided all that wrath of God type stuff. The fire and brimstone, the rivers and seas boiling, the forty years of darkness, the earthquakes and volcanoes, the dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together … mass hysteria!


Gremlins (also 1984 … there must have been something in the water that year)

Billy Peltzer receives a unique Christmas present – a cute, furry creature called a mogwai – which comes with three non-negotiable but seemingly random rules:

  • do not expose him to light, especially sunlight, which will kill him
  • do not let him get wet
  • above all, never feed him after midnight

When the mogwai accidentally gets wet, he spontaneously reproduces – creating five more mogwais, who are far-less even-tempered than their dad. When these are fed after midnight, they transform into the reptile-like Gremlins – who rampage around the place, reproducing madly and causing chaos wherever they go.

Well, had Billy stored his mogwai in a waterproof biocontainer, such as the ALLpaQ Gizmo 500, none of that would have happened. Christmas in Kingston Falls would have been saved.

But, would that have been fun? No, clearly not. Civilised, but in no sense fun.


John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982)

A group of researchers in Antarctica encounter a shape-shifting alien organism that can imitate any living being. The creature had been buried in the ice for thousands of years, but it wastes no time infiltrating the base and killing most of the crew. The survivors sink into paranoia, not knowing who is human and who is an alien copy.

One of them crunches the numbers and calculates that, given its prodigious way of absorbing and reproducing people – it will have infected and replaced all life on Earth in 27,000 hours – or approximately three years.

If they had used ALLpaQ Cleanroom biocontainers – such as the Thingummy 500 – to quarantine and examine the alien specimen, they could have prevented its escape and exposure to the rest of the base and, in that way, they could save the world. Just saying.

Alien (1979)

A bunch of space truckers stumble onto a crashed spaceship with its cargo hold full of giant alien eggs. Thinking that Easter has come early, one of the truckers gets too close and ends up with more than egg on his face.

The creature that attaches itself to his face plants a monster inside him which bursts out through his belly, and runs riot on the spaceship – growing six feet tall overnight and killing most of the rest of the crew.

It was all so avoidable. If they’d put the egg inside the ALLpaQ Nostromo 5000 bioprocess container with optional view panel, they could have kept it secure.

Although, we’d suggest not opening the hatch to view the egg, cos the scary little hugger inside will have its proboscis down your throat faster than you can say “Xenomorph”.


The Blob (1958)

When a meteorite full of animated jelly crashes near a small town in Pennsylvania, a young Steve McQueen (along with a cast of ‘exciting young people’, apparently) has the option to scoop it up and seal it into a handy bioprocess container, but he doesn’t.

The Blob of alien goop starts growing. Soon, it’s too big even for a 1000 litre biocontainer and it kills and eats anyone who gets in its way.

But McQueen manages to avoid getting consumed – you could say he makes a great escape. One thing’s for sure, he won’t be able to stop it with a bullet!

Those state-of-the-art 1950s special effects have to be seen to be believed:

But seriously, folks …

Loss of containment is a very serious issue, and one which we, at ALLpaQ, are dedicated to helping you minimise and mitigate.

So, you’ll be able to put your feet up and enjoy a good horror movie this Halloween, in the knowledge that the bioprocess containers you’ve purchased from us will be there to save the world the next time you have to deal with ghosts, monsters or aliens.

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