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December, 06th, 2022


Wouldn’t it be something if our customers could help a charity – for free – simply by taking and sharing a photo!

Hi, there – I’m Al the ALLpaQ Alpaca – and I’ve been brainstorming with the boffins here at ALLpaQ, and we’ve come up with a cunning plan to help make that happen.

It all began when my mate, Phill from ALLpaQ said to me: “Can we find a fun way for our customers to help charity?”

I said “Leave it with me, Phill,” and I put my thinking cap on … Which made him laugh. Have you ever seen an alpaca in a hat? It’s hilarious!

Anyway – the idea we came up with is a bit of a doozy – and it won’t cost our customers a penny.

Introducing the Alpaca Social Media Challenge

If you check out my social feed on Instagram, you’ll see that little cuddly versions of me have been popping up all over the world.

Well, mini me is on a fund-raising mission! And, here’s how you can help.

All you have to do is pick up a cuddly toy Al from an ALLpaQ ALLteaM member, either at a trade show or from your local BDM when you meet them. Then, take a picture of little Al in an interesting place.

Now, you just follow @allpaqpackaging on Instagram and post your photo with the tags #allpaqer & #alpaca. We’ll pick up on that and make a contribution to charity on your behalf.

Simple as that!


Take A Photo!

Whether on holiday, in the office, at home or anywhere in between, take a photo of me.


Post Your Photo!

Follow @allpaqpackaging on Instagram then post your photo and tag #allpaqer & #alpaca.


A Charity Wins!

Every post is a winner as we’ll make a contribution to charity on your behalf. Al thanks you!

Pop over to my Charity Page to check out the T&Cs and to see how you can still get involved, even if you don’t have an Instagram account!

And here’s a reminder of some of the cool places mini me has been in just the last few months. But, don’t forget, your picture doesn’t have to include one of the seven wonders – a snap taken in your car park still counts if you follow, share and hashtag!


Now, I’d be fibbing if I didn’t admit to having a bit of a bucket list of places I’d like little me to go.

There’s the pyramids, of course (in Egypt or South America or South East Asia – they’re all amazing).

But, really, it all depends on where you find yourself travelling. Whether you’re off to some new and exciting location for a business meeting, or you’re taking the holiday of a lifetime. What about where you live? I’ll bet there are some tourist attractions, spectacular buildings or gorgeous landscapes that you see every day.

So, pick up your Al the Alpaca cuddly toy at our next live event, or the next time you’re having a business meeting with one of our BDM team – and start snapping.

You never know – one of these days there might be a mini me in space!


ALLpaQ’s commitment to charity

Here at ALLpaQ, there is a genuine and business-wide commitment to help make the world a better place.

This manifests as various charitable endeavours, from a donation of £250 to a different charity every month (which you’ll see name-checked on our Facebook and LinkedIn channels) to a range of events that our staff have taken part in.

You can also check out our Instagram feed for updates on all these activities – we love to support members of our all-important ALLteaM when they’re doing their bit for charity. And, of course, if you want to chip in a donation for them – that would be amazing.

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the ALLpaQ Alpaca

Our mascot is an alpaca or, if you prefer, an ALLpaQer. He's a well-travelled fellow who dedicates much of his time to charity work. And, you can take your very own cuddly Al on your hols!

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