Project Description

Project Name: Plant A Tree In The World 
Project Type: Environmental
Region: Global

Trees clean the air we breathe and serve as an important carbon sink for our emissions. A fully grown tree can absorb up to 21kg of carbon dioxide per year. Everytime you purchase any 1000L bioprocess container solution from ALLpaQ, your support, through this project, plants tree saplings across the world. These will eventually become fully-grown at a success rate of up to 85% and, in some cases, also provide income for the local community.

How it works

B1G1 Global Projects are a combination of a multitude of projects that work towards the same impact. 

So, when you choose ALLpaQ for your bioprocess containers, your giving will be distributed amongst the various projects to create the amount of impacts you’ve chosen.

This project plants trees throughout the world in 11 different cities. 

Thank you for helping!

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