ALLpaQ Buy1Give1 Initiative

ALLpaQ is a proud member of B1G1 – the charity that helps connect businesses like yours and ours with hundreds of high-impact projects around the world.

Charity is always atop the ALLpaQ agenda. Here in the UK, each month, members of our team pick a charity close to their hearts that we support through a donation.

To help amplify these efforts on a global scale, ALLpaQ joined B1G1. Everytime you buy any 1000L, 500L or 250L ALLpaQ containment solution, we’ll make a contribution to:

Plant a tree in
the world (1000L)

Educate children on healthy environmental practices (500L)

Build classrooms from recycled plastic waste (250L)

ALLpaQ has picked these key projects to help in the global campaign against environmental destruction and extreme income inequalities.

Check out the impact you’re having

Impact goal tracker

Real-time insights into how ALLpaQ (and your business) are achieving the impact goals we’ve set.

Giving impacts summarised by projects

Check out a live summary of your giving impacts by project.
Every 1000L, 500L or 250L ALLpaQ containment solution purchased by your business is helping plant trees around the world, educating children and building schools in Indonesia.

How your impacts are felt

Everytime we give on behalf of your ALLpaQ bioprocess container purchase, we divide your impacts:







Your impacts on the map

Here’s a great visual display of the geographical impact your giving is having across the globe. Thank you!

Tot(e)al impacts

A top level round up of the tot(e)al impact your giving is having.