Project Description

Project Name: Educate Children On Healthy Environmental Practices 
Project Type: Education
Region: Indonesia

It’s a stark number: Indonesia produces around 64 million tons of waste a year. What’s perhaps equally stark is that only around 50% is said to reach landfill sites, with the rest being burned or illegally dumped into the ocean. Many Indonesians are unaware of the everyday damage done to the environment or resulting consequences. 

So, every time your business purchases a 500L bioprocess container from ALLpaQ, a contribution is made to help turn these tides by way of education. 

About The Role Foundation

ROLE Foundation offers Bali’s only environmental learning experience where children learn about terrestrial and marine conservation, ‘paying’ for classes with plastic waste collected from their homes. They discuss appropriate waste management, how much waste goes from Bali’s landfills to the sea and actions they can take at home.

How it works

Twice every week, ROLE Foundation runs an environmental learning experience for children. More than 8,400 children have participated in the Children and a Healthy Environment interactive training program. Those sessions take half a day and the students develop their knowledge about the environment, thereafter receiving an eco-passport sponsored by DPG Nusa Dua. 

The training includes raising awareness of the problems in our forests and oceans, soap and paper recycling, what is waste and the 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), recyclable and non-recyclable waste, composting, seed banks, seedlings, Indonesian traditional herbal drinks (jamu), natural dyes and weaving.   

When you shop with ALLpaQ, you are helping raise a future generation that understands how precious our world is.

Thank you for your support!

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