7 things you could do with a bioprocess container, but probably shouldn’t

posted by Phill Allen

March, 02nd, 2016

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ALLpaQ bioprocess containers enable life science and biopharmaceutical firms to get valuable media from A to Z. They’re stackable, foldable and collapsible design means they do so sustainably.
7 things you could do with a bioprocess container, but probably shouldn’t
The containers also double as a fantastic coffee table. A round table – or square table – debate therefore started in the office the other day during a much needed coffee break.
Outside the biopharma supply chain, what other uses do these bioprocess containers have? Sure, health and safety means we wouldn’t recommend you use the product as a wine box.
But, were you so inclined as one team member quickly pointed out, the ALLpaQ bioprocess container would make for the best wine box in the world … well probably, to riff off the Carlsberg adverts.
With capacity ranging from 50L -1000L, the ideas were many. Like any good design team, the note pads left their holsters, pen lids pulled from their sheafs.
Here’s seven of our favourite ideas that emerged during this most crucial design meeting.

1. Pop-up store

While it’ll undoubtedly be a tight squeeze, pop-up stores in containers are all the rage. Channel Box Park in London’s trendy Shoreditch and make your ALLpaQ bioprocess container the coolest spot in town.

2. Granny annexe

This will also be a tight squeeze, but perfect for relatives you want to keep close, but not too close. Follow in the footsteps of the residents of Containertopia shipping container village in San Francisco and keep creature comforts to a minimum.

3. Walk-in wardrobe

The dream for anyone with a love of clothes, shoes and accessories – nothing could be better than a container that doubles up as a walk-in wardrobe. Enjoy never having to rotate your wardrobe for the seasons again.

4. (Wo)man cave

A “man cave” is a thing, and so too is a “woman cave”. No matter what your gender or interests, with an ALLpaQ bioprocess container you can create your very own sanctuary.

5. Swimming pool

With a bit of clever thinking and a lot of cladding you could easily turn your ALLpaQ® bioprocess container into a swimming pool or Jacuzzi. Who wants to live by the seaside when you could live poolside?

6. Games room

With the help of a few accessories such as a darts board, pool table and vintage arcade game or two, you could have a bespoke games room in next to no time.

7. Greenhouse

The perfect place to cultivate the right conditions for your plants, you can perfect your green thumb and try your hand at growing your own fruit and veg. Simply add a couple of windows for sunlight and you’ll be good to go.


The aforementioned suggestions are not recommended or advised by ALLpaQ Packaging Limited. Any bioprocess container box stunts were carried out in-house by highly trained professionals or under the supervision of professionals.
Accordingly, ALLpaQ must insist that no one attempts to recreate, enact or use the range of bioprocess containers as detailed in this article … even though the Genesis 1000L makes for the greatest wine box of all time … ssshhhh.
7 things you could do with a bioprocess container, but probably shouldn’t

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