What is cold chain management?

posted by Phill Allen

April, 28th, 2014

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So what is cold chain management? It’s simple really. Cold chain management refers to the logistical process used to maintain optimal conditions during the transport, storage and handling of products such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals.
Effective cold chain management ripples along every rung of the supply chain, starting at the manufacturer, through to supplying the end user with the product.

Cold chain shipping

When it comes to cold chain management, what type of products are shipped? Well, the focus typically centers on:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Groceries
  • High tech products which require cooling

Don’t let the snowman melt

Like a snowman in a heatwave, the integrity of a product can quickly melt away if the right temperatures and conditions are not maintained.
Take vaccines, for instance. Vaccines are sensitive biological products which typically require refrigeration or freezing when in transit. Failure to maintain optimal conditions could make the vaccine less potent or even destroy it altogether.

Cold chain shipping and bioprocess containment

When it comes to the air freight of biopharmaceuticals held in temperature control, cold chain management issues include:

  • Securing the safety and integrity of products under transport
  • Minimisation of waste
  • Optimising the journey of the product

At ALLpaQ, we’ve just launched a new bioprocess container designed to double the amount of product pharmaceutical companies can ship per flight when held under temperature controlled conditions in the Envirotainer RAP e2 container.
Read the press release

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