What factors should I consider before moving to single-use?

posted by Phill Allen

June, 03rd, 2016

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A hundred and one different processes run up and down your biopharmaceutical supply chain. Getting them to chime in synchronicity is as much as a science as it is an art.
Change, of course, comes with risk. Many biopharmaceutical managers therefore rightly ponder the benefits of introducing single-use technologies into their supply chain.
Within the industry, single-use is more topical than the Kardashians’ latest fashion trend. So it is that a recent roundtable published in the American Pharmaceutical Review brought together a team of experts to break down what you need to consider before making a move to single-use systems.
Here’s some key points from the debate to help inform your decision making:

  • When assessing a single-use system, qualify two or more vendors for each unit operation of your processes. Do so to ensure supply chain security and price.
  • Single-use systems are good today but are they tomorrow? When considering a new system, factor in the lifecycle of the process they are designed to support.
  • To ensure the supplier meets your needs, always carry out a full audit.
  • Does your facility have the space to store any incoming single-use technology such as large bags, tubings and cartridges?

Check out the full roundtable discussion here

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