What does the word ‘ALLpaQ’ mean?

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January, 19th, 2022

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It’s the question on everyone’s lips: “What the HeQ does ALLpaQ mean?” We’re so glad you asked.

Let Al, the ALLpaQ alpaca (the ALLpaQa, if you will) guide you through this wooly subject in what is, let’s be honest, the first time we’ve published a guest blog from a camelid mammal. But, here at ALLpaQ, we’re always willing to try something new.

So, over to you, Al:

An Alpaca’s Perspective on ALLpaQ

ALLpaQ means different things to different customers. Why? Well, because, here at ALLpaQ, we pride ourselves that our process and fabrication team can design and build any customised units to any specifications. So, we can, essentially, produce different bespoke bioprocess containers for different clients. The one constant is that we do it all under our own roof and all under ISO 9001 certification.

To our designers and fabricators, “ALLpaQ” is a language they have developed to communicate instantly with each other. Spoken ALLpaQ is a highly sophisticated argot of such exquisite complexity and nuance that it sounds, to the untrained ear, rather like a 64k Modem logging on to the internet in 1999.

The point is, our designers and fabricators understand each other and they get the job done, brilliantly, every time.

But, what does “ALLpaQ” mean to the rest of us?

If you leaf through a handy copy of your Flunk & Wordsworth, you’ll find ALLpaQ defined thusly:


UnpaQing the word “ALLpaQ”

The next big question, of course, is how does one use the robust and resourceful term “ALLpaQ” in a sentence?

That’s why we thought we’d ask a few made-up celebrities to help us out with conversational use of the word “ALLpaQ”.
First, we approached the award-winning actor Al PaQuino, but he simply offered to make us a rigid plastic container we could reuse. Back off, Al, that’s our game.

We asked Arnold the Teutonic Terminator and he simply told us “I’ll be ALLbaQ!” Which wasn’t terribly helpful.

Finally, it fell to Jack Cousteaumisation, the inventor of the ALLpaQualung, to tell it like it is.

As he told us: “If you need a bespoke bioprocess solution, what you’re saying is you need an ALLpaQ solution. If you need to optimise your fluid management, what you’re really wanting is to ALLpaQ your fluid management.

“If you want shipping packaging that has GPS and monitoring onboard, you really need ALLpaQ onboard.”

ALLpaQ can mean what you need it to mean

You’ve likely already chosen your primary single use bags, well, we can ALLpaQ the HeQ out of your secondary packaging so it fits your existing bags like a glove. Made of rigid plastic. Or stainless Steel.

So, the next time you have a cleanroom, warehousing or shipping container conundrum, just pick up the phone and ask us “Can you ALLpaQ it?”

All together now: “Yes we can!”



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