Weird Science: 7 Bad Science Stock Photos

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March, 22nd, 2019

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Bad stock photography is just a part of everyday life and that’s a scientific fact. Now, if you don’t use photography from a stock photography website, you may not even know that stock photos exist.

Stock photo libraries are vast collections of images that graphic designers can license, to use in advertising, brochures, websites, or any visual medium that needs illustrations. You’ll find many carefully chosen examples on this very website and on most every other website you visit.

Such photos can be far cheaper and more convenient than hiring a photographer, especially if the things you want to illustrate are similar to the things hundreds of other businesses want to illustrate. The job, then, of the professional photographers who sell their work through the libraries – is to try and cover every eventuality.

The challenge they face, is taking photographs that are generic enough to appeal to a wide variety of users (so they can make more money by licensing them), but are specific enough for each users’ specific needs.

So, once photographers have shot the obvious poses, they start getting creative. This can lead to some wacky, random images – and the fun starts when they’re photographing something they clearly don’t understand. Like science.

We’ve gathered together a few of the more outrageous scientific stock shots we’ve found, in the name of forensic fun.

Have a look and enjoy… some weird science stock photos.

#1: Bad Science Stock Photography


“Yes I do chemistry in my underwear. But I wear eye protection. Safety first!”

#2: Bad Science Stock Photography


“Measuring the growth of grass with an egg-timer. Like a boss.”

#3: Bad Science Stock Photography


“This gene-splicing lark is a doddle!”

#4: Bad Science Stock Photography


“I store my spare syringes in a dead chicken. Doesn’t everyone?”

#5: Bad Science Stock Photography


“I can get so much more lab work done, since I grew this third arm.”

#6: Bad Science Stock Photography


“This microscope slide looks interesting. If only I had a microscope right in front of me.”

#7: Bad Science Stock Photography


“Studying the effects of shouting at mice in fish bowls. This research will change the world!”

The Weird Wide Web

If you find some even funnier stockshots out there on the weird wide web – let us know – tag us on our social media channels (see below) and add the hashtag #weirdsciencestock. We can collect the pictures together into Weird Science Vol 2: The Bride of Bad Stockshots!

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