The three 'Rs' of bioprocess containment

posted by Phill Allen

December, 17th, 2014

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Remember when you were at school and the teachers were always going on about the three “Rs” and how important they were – Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic. Get them right, they said, and everything else would follow.
The three 'Rs' of bioprocess containment
We couldn’t agree more. In fact, when it comes to bioprocess containment, we have our own take on the three ‘Rs’. They’re incorporated into our brand ethic:
Re-use: Our containers can be re-used many times and individual panels replaced if necessary
Return: We’re happy to accept containers returned from our customers
Recycle: ALLpaQ bioprocess containers are manufactured from recyclable plastic
Ok, we know you probably don’t like sums, but here’s one anyway:
ALLpaQ’s three ‘Rs’ = less plastic in landfill + lower oil and energy consumption + reduced Co2 carbon emissions.
That’s it, bioprocess containment lesson over. Class dismissed!

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