The supply chain space saving programme

posted by Phill Allen

January, 23rd, 2021

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Space, the final frontier of supply chain optimisation. These are the voyages of forward-thinking biopharmaceutical companies who boldly take ROI where no man has gone before. 

When it comes to bioprocessing, space is indeed a most valuable commodity. Even so, galaxies of process space is often wasted in the laboratory setting.

Likewise, in transit, bulky rigid containers vacuum valuable space and monies into a black hole.


At ALLpaQ, space is precious. That’s why we created the original all-plastic ALLpaQ bioprocess containers. The diverse range optimises fluid handling, distribution and protection of high value media in the life sciences and biopharmaceutical industry. 

How? Because the units stack. They fold. They collapse. The end result? The exact opposite of a black hole. More space is created in warehousing and storage, through to the shipment of goods. 

With ALLpaQ, businesses can make the most of the space they have available, while keeping costs down. 

Reusable, recyclable and easy to store and handle, ALLpaQ bioprocess containers are the ultimate solution to a business’s space conundrum.


Our fluid handling specialists are standing by to help rocket your bioprocess to a whole new stratosphere.

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Phill Allen

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An in and outside the (bioprocess) box thinker, fluid management specialist Phill knows a thing or two about keeping pharma liquid logistics flowing.

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