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posted by Phill Allen

August, 23rd, 2019

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Despite the image the movies project, we at ALLpaQ think the biosciences are a force for social good. We think you might agree. But a lot of the world apparently doesn’t.
A recent article in the Pharma Times shared a study by Portland, which points out that the pharmaceuticals industry is ranked among the industries doing the most social good for Britain. That’s fantastic recognition!
After all, according to the Office for Life Sciences, the biopharma sector employs approximately 62,000 people and has an annual turnover of £29 billion (as of 2017).
And yet, at the same time, British pharma suffers from a negative public perception which, the Portland report also states, mostly revolves more around NHS pricing strategies, executive pay and paranoia over the lack of transparency in clinical trials.
This means that an industry which is routinely taking on the burden of life-and-death research, and producing excellent results – is, frankly, terrible at making people appreciate the value of the social good it creates.
Is this brought about by fear within the businesses of giving away secrets to other big pharma companies? Whatever causes it, the industry, as a whole, plays its cards very close to its chest and it seems that this is leading to a society-wide sense of distrust.
Another report in an earlier edition of the Pharma Times stresses the value of sustainability to businesses, regulators, employees and – crucially – customers.
Sustainability is a social good of massive importance for Millennials (people born in the 80s and early 90s) who now form the largest part of the workforce and, therefore, the retail market. They are also very cynical. A Deloitte survey of Millennials found that only 48% of respondents believe that corporations behave ethically, whilst 64% believe that businesses have “no other ambition beyond wanting to make money”.
So, what can Big Pharma do to affect this?
Here, at ALLpaQ, we think you’re brilliant. We understand how difficult your job is and how fantastic the end result typically is. We know what a great social good you do! Yes, there is profit to be made, but there are incalculable social benefits created by the chemicals and drugs you produce.
For our own part, we’ll keep promoting the fact that using our plastic bioprocess totes contributes to the sustainability of your business and our sector, because plastic totes can be used time and again.
Combine these with single-use bioprocess bags, which require no expensive and wasteful cleaning products, nor sterilisation.
Sustainability is all about planning for the future and maintaining balance. Here, at ALLpaQ, we think that Big Pharma is working hard to not just sustain but to improve the future.
So, whenever we hear of a good news story within our industry, we’ll share it here, on our website, or on our social feeds: Facebook and Twitter.
We all need to start spreading the (social) good word.

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