The history of the supply chain

posted by Phill Allen

March, 01st, 2017

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Over the last 30 years, supply chains have seen a drastic change. Firstly, the introduction of the computer revolutionised the way information is stored and also changed the way businesses communicate internally. Next came along the Internet. This completely changed the way businesses communicate with each other and do business.

The age of technology within the supply chain

Global businesses operating in the internet age have found that the flow of their business has become one giant supply chain. Companies are having to deal with the ever-increasing speed at which information is shared between departments and customers. This is only compounded by customer expectations of expediency.
With all these changes, the supply chain manager has had to move away from dealing with departments individually to become a digital octopus which can deal with multiple departments, via a computer, all at the same time.

How times have changed

Many traditional supply chain elements remain unchanged in this Brave New World of ours. Even so, for supply chain managers what was once a matter of simply keeping the factory fed and the shipping dock clear is now a 24/7 logistical, social and technological puzzle. This covers everything from the risk of copyright issues to sustainability reporting.
One thing’s for certain: the supply chain game has certainly changed.

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