The history of the cleanroom

posted by Phill Allen

September, 18th, 2018

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When dealing with biochemical materials, isolation from outside substances which could disrupt or contaminate the solution is of utmost importance.

Entering a cleanroom is a military operation, after all contamination from the outside could disrupt the delicate chemical process of what is taking place inside the cleanroom. This is in addition to the risk of chemical injuries from the substance itself. Therefore, it’s important both human and cleanroom contents are protected from each other.
Personnel undergo a strict process to protect themselves from the contents of the cleanroom, through a room called an Airlock. From thorough hand washing, to applying several layers of clothing which are completely chemical proof – the entire body must be protected from contaminating the area and vice versa.

What is a cleanroom?

Originally developed in the 1960’s, a cleanroom is a sterile environment in which several parameters are monitored, controlled and maintained. This includes contamination, which can occur if solids, liquids or gases, organic material or similar enter the room.
They are used in a variety of industries including biotech, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor manufacturing, medical device and life sciences. Other industries include the military and aerospace.
The room itself contains chemical elements and machinery, and is completely blocked off from the outside world, unless strict access has been given.
This is because humans can create contamination, therefore people must wear protective clothing and masks when in the facility.
Other factors which are controlled and measured in a cleanroom include the pressure, temperature and humidity.

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