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posted by Phill Allen

January, 17th, 2018

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What’s better than cutting down on business costs whilst increasing efficiency and productivity?
That’s right, nothing.
If you think the above sounds like a visionary dream, an intangible abstract concept that could never be made concrete in the pharmaceutical and chemical world … then I present to you, ALLpaQ plastic tote bin.

The ALLpaQ plastic tote range is very much the logistical dream-turned-reality of the pharmaceutical industry.
Many companies transport their pharmaceutical goods in shipping containers made from steel. They are often bulky, heavy and solid, which makes them a nuisance when it comes to saving space when transporting or storing chemicals and pharmaceutical goods.

That’s what makes the ALLpaQ tote bin a problem-solving powerhouse

Specialised for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, the ALLpaQ tote box range is a foldable and stackable design, allowing users to stack products on top of eachother, which doubles logistic space.

Forget throwaways and the plastic skyscrapers situated in landfills, our reusable plastic is here to stay. ALLpaQ tote containers are made with smooth all-plastic polymers which purposely inhibits bacterial growth when bioprocessing, transporting, and storing pharmaceutical goods.

The foldability of the ALLpaQ tote provides great accessibility for cleaning. Get into every nook and cranny for a hygienic good-as-new standard of cleanliness.
Operatives handle and clean with ease thanks to the lightness of the plastic tote.
See the full pharmaceutical tote range that is fueling manufacturers with operational efficiency when it comes to storing and transporting chemical and pharmaceutical goods:

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