Sun Pharma agrees research collaboration deal

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December, 11th, 2015

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Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd has announced it has entered into a tripartite research and option agreement to develop breakthrough products for the treatment of neurological diseases and brain cancer.
Sun Pharma agrees research collaboration deal
Sun Pharma will explore treatments along with Yeda Research & Development Company, Ltd (the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science), and Fundacion Ramón Domínguez (on behalf of IDIS).
In a press release, the company said scientists at Weizmann Institute have developed a recombinant enzyme currently undergoing animal studies for indications of brain stroke and glioblastoma.
“Further studies of this enzyme will be conducted at the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela in Spain,” the statement reads. “Moreover, this enzyme may potentially be indicated for uses beyond these two brain diseases. As per the signed triparty agreement, Sun Pharma will have the first right to develop these additional indications.”
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, the multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai, will have the exclusive option to conduct further development of the enzyme after completion of the preclinical studies.
The company, says the release, will fund all future studies of the enzyme and have commercial rights to the product globally.
Kirti Ganorkar, senior vice president of Sun Pharma, explained: “Such products will bring about a better quality of life for the patient by enabling doctors to make crucial decisions and offer immediate treatment in high risk medical emergencies.”
Mr Ganorkar expressed “excitement” at the collaboration adding that it will “enrich our novel and highly specialised product portfolio”.

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